Switzerland tunnel: The oddest moments of the opening ceremony



                                            After watching much of the footage I came away thoroughly disgusted by what I saw. Occultic ceremonies, public indecency, sexual perversion, all performed for Western Europe's heads of state.


It looked like an old pagan ritual.


A goatman who look’s like Baphomet, a grotesque winged baby with breasts, couples in there underwear groping each other, lesbianism, etc. Who thinks this stuff up ?


As the Economics professor said, “If you don’t agree with it, that’s because you don’t understand it.”



The evil one that they listened to.


Was this for the opening for a tunnel or a porn theater?

I have never seen such a public spectacle, even by European standards, its abusurd. This goes to show you what happens if you “over cook” something Swiss.


Its pretty clear to me… ritual worship, paying homage to the enemy, the spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realms, that unfortunately is running the show down here on earth right now, of course they would never come out and say that publicly!

Same kind of thing went on when Denver Intl. Airport opened, (DIA), if you look up some of the odd plagues, paintings, monuments, and general design of the place, there are some very evil things being honored here.

but just as Jesus has his ‘emissaries’ her on earth, Im sure the enemy does too, and many of them hold positions of power and influence, they are probably doing what they can to usher in the times of the AC in ways we would not understand.


Ever heard of a transplant rejection?

Several hundreds of years ago, pagan Europe accepted the “graft” of Christianity, by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

However, those deeper roots remained.

As Europe began to reject and turn away from Christianity in favour of either Protestantism or secular values, those roots began to sprout above the surface again. And we know that when people reject God, He in turn hardens them in their position as a punishment, and hands them over to their own desires.

The resurgence of paganism in Europe is nothing new and nothing surprising. This is simply one of its visible signs. :frowning:


Protestantism is a branch of Christianity.


An imperfect and incomplete one.

If things were as simple as you say, then why have those countries that went Calvinist during the Reformation (Calvinism being the strictest branch of Protestantism) now become the most liberal and “pagan”?

Holland (once a hotbed of Calvinism) - led the world in legalizing sexual libertinism, drug use, euthanasia (and let’s not forget that awful “Catechism” they tried to foist on us)

Switzerland (where Calvin set up a theocracy) - see this thread

United States of America (see: Edwards, Jonathan) - I think even a casual look at the World News forum should dispel your doubts on this one.

Yes, Virginia: Calvinism is bad for your country. :smiley:


It was easier for those people to reject Calvinism than it was for them to reject Catholicism.


A very good point. In contrast, if we look at those countries which did not go Protestant - and especially Calvinist - during the Reformation, they didn’t do so badly, even after Communist assaults: think of Hungary or Poland, or even Portugal. (The exception to this rule is France, but then they had the legacy of the secular French Revolution to contend with. :()


Portugal is socialist now.


More like “social-democratic”; the “Socialist Party” isn’t in power right now.

But yes, they are very liberal when it comes to “LGBTQ” issues, so my argument does fall through. :wink:


Yep. Occultism is real and increasingly on display in entertainment, public events, and in architecture.


Yes, it’s quite symbolic of how Western Europe is dying and how many don’t care.


Hmmm… Now maybe I have something to blame for my dislike of DIA. It’s not intuitive, and every descent I’ve made there has made me very sick… Now the Colorado Springs Airport is much more peaceable. :wink:


I’m convinced the tunnel workers must have cracked open a deep deposit of LSD gas.
It’s rare but clearly very powerful.


What ever happened to having a ribbon cutting?


How did a thread about a whacky tunnel ceremony become an indictment of Protestsntism?

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