SWTOR Catholic Guild Forming: looking for leaders and members

Hi Folks!

With the launch of SWTOR coming up (Dec 20!), my husband decided to form a Catholic guild called Knights of Mount Carmel.

Our motto:
One day, Peace will reign over all the lands.
But until that day, we will stand and fight…
Now working on the website (we JUST made the final decision last night), but I will post more as it progresses.

We are planning on launching on an RP server. Both my husband and I have RP and short story experience, (as well as raid leading, but ugh, don’t really want to think that far ahead yet!). So, though it won’t be an RP guild per se, we hope to collaborate with other family-friendly RP guilds to do some events together (from past mmo experience, usually we can find other small guilds to do both raiding and RP together.)

In addition to playing SWTOR, we would like to have a little forum for prayer requests, spiritual encouragement, weekly reflections, and maybe even a regular prayer group to say the Compline over vent once or twice a week. We don’t want to have theology forums though (there are plenty of places for that!) But we want this to be a place where we can have fun-time fellowship playing a REALLY cool game, and be there for encouragement and edification if and when anyone needs it.

Anyway, the launch date is approaching fast! Now’s the time to find out who has the interest in joining up… and if anyone wants to help us lead the guild as an officer, now is the time to step up!



I am sooooo envious (in a nonsinful manner of course :p) of all this. I would have loved to play this, and especially join a Catholic guild. The last MMO I played had no Catholic guilds and only a few Christian guilds that weren’t great at all.

Anyway, no MMO’s for me, come January I’ll be in the monastery discerning my vocation.

However, I hope you play this game awesome-ly for you and for me :smiley:

Oh woooowwwwwwwww… my heart leaps in joy for you! Aww, thank you so much for your discernment… we really need you! Anyway, we should keep in contact… our guild can pray for you regularly! :wink:


I’m definitely interested, if you guys are still planning on going forward with the guild. (I noticed it’s been a while since there’s been activity on the thread.)

If so, do you know what server you’ll be rolling on?


Hey, I just got this game and was wondering if you guys managed to put together a guild yet? I would be interested in joining you guys, I love MMO’s but often find the environment can be less than beneficial for spiritual development and a Catholic guild would be awesome!

I would have so loved to join, but I can’t afford, nor can the game work on my computer.


Haven’t heard from the folks above, but I’d be interested in starting one, if you haven’t decided to join a different guild. Have a server in mind?

For european guys, on The Arkanian Legacy server, there’s a guild called Anla’shok, which isn’t expressly catholic, but the leader is a catholic.

www.anla-shok.net (B5 reference for those in the know - it’s more about values than religion, but sometimes the two go together I heard :shrug:)


Keep in mind we have european playtimes mostly, however.

I really, really want to play this. I even bought the game and it’s currently sitting in my apartment (unopened). However, after thinking it over a bit, classes start next week and–at $60 to get started and then $15/month–it’s just more than I can justify spending on a game right now.

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