SWTOR Catholic Guild

Because I couldn’t find one that already existed, I started up a Catholic guild for the upcoming SWTOR mmo video game. As of now I am hoping just to see what the interest would be like before I invest too much time into the project.

The url is universalcreed.guildlaunch.com/

Republic guild. Star Wars: The Old Republic. Universal Creed.

If there is already a Catholic guild set up, please post the link below, if not, you are welcome to join the one that I have started.

See you online!

I hadn’t even realized that the game had launched already, how is the gameplay?

Sorry about any confusion caused, but the game has NOT yet been released. Beta is upcoming and the release date will probably be announced at E3 this June. The community has added a guild pre-launch feature and this is what I am posting about.

ok, I was wondering about that :slight_smile: I have a few friends that are really looking forward to trying it out, I may even take a break from LOTRO to give it a shot :slight_smile:

I recently cancelled my subscription to Rift (love it but no time currently) but I plan to check out SWTOR also and would be interested in joining if I can actually commit to playing :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this game is coming along, and good for you creating a fellowship for Catholic gamers. That’s something I always wished for in my years of playing MMO’s.
I was a Star Wars Galaxies fan, way back when so I am looking forward to this game and will most probably check it out. I do tend to get addicted to these games so I have to watch my play time closely :smiley:

Hi Folks!

My husband and I were looking for a SWTOR Catholic guild, and when we couldn’t find one, we decided to form Knights of Mount Carmel.

I tried to follow your link, but… did you change your mind, or relocate your guild website?

Well… I’ll start a new thread on KOMC… the launch date is coming in just a few weeks now, so… now is the time to plan!


Yes, I took the website down and dismantled the guild due to lack of interest and because the launch date was way farther away than I originally anticipated. I then found and joined a great guild.

If you decide against administrating a guild, I strongly recommend the guild that I am in. It’s called Pax Republica and applications close November 20th until the game launches. It’s very well run.


You have to apply through the website and fill out an application, but, like I said, they’re great people and I often post stuff like “Happy All Saints Day!” and I get into a few good conversations, nothing pushy, but just enough to let them know there is a Catholic around :slight_smile:

Do you have the game now? How do you like it? The game is rated T for sexual themes a.o. Do you only get that kind of stuff when you choose it or do you get ‘sexual themes’ anyway when you play the game?
PS: Does anyone have a trial invite for me? :smiley:

Currently you can play till lvl 15 for free, just need t download the game :slight_smile: I enjoy it though I stopped playing for a few days as I kind burned the candle at both ends when I got it XD

Lol that’s why I didn’t buy it when it came out, I knew I was going to get addicted :wink:

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