Synagogue where Jesus likely preached uncovered in Israel

When his (Father Eamon Kelly’s) Catholic organization, the Legions of Christ, bought a piece of land on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, little did it know what it would find . . .

When archeologists and volunteers started digging, they were astonished to find a treasure: A 1st-century synagogue, one of only seven in Israel - and in the entire world . . .

Experts say it’s highly likely that Jesus would have preached in the recently uncovered synagogue, believed to have first been built in the year 1 as a simple structure which was then upgraded into a more ornate one in the year 40.

This isn’t getting the same or any amount of attention from the Media like the James Ossuary did.

Probably because the Discovery Communications company hasn’t figured out how to attach an alien or Dan Brownisque conspiracy theory to it.

Thank you for sharing the link

i would love to visit it.:smiley:

So cool.

The article does make a good case that for Jesus having taught there.

I don’t see it. They have a lot more dots to connect than simply saying that they found a synagogue from the Second Temple period in a city Jesus was purported to have visited and therefore he was there.

That is what I was thinking too, until I read the article.

Really interesting article. It looks like I will never make it to the Holy Land but if I did, this is one place I would like to visit.

Yes, this is a very interesting article. And it seems like sometimes somehow people forget Jesus was a Jew ;); a nice reminder…

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