Synchro Worlds in U.S.A.!

As some of you know, I am a synchronized skating fanatic!!

We got some great news this morning. In 2010, the World Championships of Synchronized Skating will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here is the link:

If you’ve never seen the sport, here is a two-minute montage:

The Croatian rep to the IOC has called the sport “the most beautiful ice skating sport in the world.” I agree.

One word of advice: when Synchro Worlds were in Canada two years ago, they sold out five months in advance. So if you even think you might be interested, keep an eye on the skating sites so that you don’t miss out on tickets.

As for why I posted in Popular Media–there is no “sports talk” section! Also, the thought occurred to me last night that figure skating seems to have lost its popularity on TV while all those dancing shows have become wildly popular. I wonder if there is any connection? I think that synchronized skating would have the potential to re-capture the interest of the public if only some of the Worlds could be televised on real TV, not just on icenetwork.

BTW, if you are interested in watching figure skating online, icenetwork is a GREAT BARGAIN. Only $30 a year, and you see EVERYTHING, even the little kids’ competitions and the adult competitions. And of course, synchronized skating! Check it out at


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