Syncretistic prayers with Muslims... any advice?

Hello everyone,

A case has come to my attention recently of a Catholic community here in Jerusalem that prays together with Muslims.

Does anyone know of a Magisterial document that says that this is wrong so that we could take action and write to the superior of the community?

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Catholics for Israel

Could you explain to me why this would be wrong?

Why* wouldn’t *this be wrong?

It is never wrong to pray no matter who you pray with. Christ said wherever 2 or more pray in my name I am there. So that is probally the best advice I believe there is.’

No mater who or where people are, if they pray in the name of Christ he is present.

Because its never wrong to pray to or Lord.:shrug:

Muslims do not believe in our Lord.

Praying with them is legitimizing their religion as proper conduit to God.

And that’s unacceptable.

What the above poster said. I can’t comprehend why bringing Christ to prayer, whatever the situation, would be wrong. Prayer certainly doesn’t suggest the Muslim truth is the correct Truth.

Wasn’t it JPII who kissed the Qur’an, in recognition of Muslims’ search for Truth? They’re our brethren. We ought to love them. And praying, with the Holy Spirit doing His work, is the best witness.

In what ways does it do that? :confused: I’d say that praying with them legitimizes Catholic Truth, especially as Catholics don’t pray to Allah.

In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis writes of a house. All those who believe (who seek Truth) have entered the house, but Christians – and I would say Catholics specifically – have entered the right room, the room at the house’s center. It’s our goal to guide everyone into the right room. Rejecting mutual prayer, ecclesiastical meetings, etc., would hinder this progress, IMO.

I would personally love to pray with Muslims, especially if it’s verbal prayer.

“For which cause God also hath exalted him, and hath given him a name which is above all names: That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth: And that every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:9-11).

Personally I think what John Paul II did there was one of his many mistakes. The Catholic Church isn’t seen as the one and only truth when you do that. You give the impression that there are other, acceptable ways to God. Indeed, I know personally a number of Catholics who have used that event to say that very exact thing.

When you pray with Muslims, I wonder how many actually invoke the name of Jesus, given how hostile Muslims actually are to Christian teaching, and any sort of suggestion that Jesus is anything more than a prophet.

It is one thing to show respect for a religion, but praying with another faith is akin to letting a Muslim approach the Eucharist. It’s like saying that they’re close enough to pass.

Do the Muslims not pray to the One and True God? I thought we both had the same God the God of Abraham?:eek:

ANd no praying with another faith is not the same as letting them receive the Eucharist. Not even close.

Muslims have a distorted vision of God, as do Jews.

Praying with them gives no fruitful outcome.

I don’t even think it’d be a stretch to say that the Muslim God was not the same as ours.

Yes he did, and he said he admires them for the truth that they have. He was more to show what we have in common then what we don’t.


Yikes. :eek:

I would stake my life on the opposite – for we do not know the work of the Spirit in the hearts of mankind.

I’d rather pray for them than pray a watered-down prayer with them.

I don’t recall the prophet Elijah praying with Baal priests.

WOW!!! So what is the truth again?

I don’t understand this. Does the Pope say this?

I’m quite sure they prayed in separate rooms when he was there kissing their Quran.

Isn’t this called Christlam, there are Christlam Churches in the US now.

I would only pray with other Christians.:slight_smile:

I agree with Fabius.

You would be praying to a different God, they do not believe in the Trinity,

I really do believe this would be breaking the 1st commandment.:slight_smile:

Nothing personally against Muslins.

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