Synod leader: the Pope's 'great revolution' is one of 'language and attitudes' [CWN]

In an address to the bishops of Slovakia, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops said that “the great revolution” of Pope Francis is "the revolution of language and attitudes, in …


I am glad to know that these words are voiced by the pope’s closest people. I had thought the pope’s administration would avoid words like revolution, but it now appears that he is simply reversing the way the media uses the term. The media wants us to believe that the pope’s revolution is to depart from the language and styles of his predecessors, but from this it appears that the pope’s own aim is different: he wants to continue the revolution that his predecessors started, that is, he and his predecessors peach about mercy with justice, and charity with truth, in a way that is revolutionary to the world.

I don’t think that’s the kind of revolution liberals are looking for.

Are we talking about one’s vernacular again?


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