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I am in the process of working on a synopsis on the 4 Gospels that provide all the parallel passages side by side, with explanations concerning the harmony and order underneath, and Tatian’s Diatessaron that weaves those passages together. All the explanations are from St. Augustine’s Harmony of the Gospels, Bishop John McEvilly, Cornelius a Lapide, John Maldonatus, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc. All explanations only concern the harmonization and concerning apparent discrepancies and so-called contradictions, not interpretive. The whole project will probably be finished by Christmas and will be published in print, but here is a pdf of my rough draft so far, which will be edited and polished, but I just want to share it so people can check it out if curious.



I don’t mean to be critical, because I’m sure your study and efforts were rewarding, but German theologian Kurt Alund’s (1915-1994) Synopsis of the Four Gospels has already done the same thing, and is the definitive writing on this topic.

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I am always open for criticism, it helps me to improve. As for Aland’s synopsis, yes it is an excellent resource and one that I have consulted. But I have developed upon the idea of a synopsis and provided not only parallel passages side by side, but also explanations from great Catholic theologians concerning harmonization, as well as notes that weave the passages together. The synopsis is an old idea but combining that with contradiction-busting footnotes an explanations of harminization all in one which is a bit unique.

Kurt Aland’s synopsis has provided me with a lot of guidance in this project, but I have ultimately followed the judgments of Catholic theologians and have made for a similar synopsis to Aland’s but one that varies based on my Catholic sources. This resource will allow the reader to compare parallel passages and to also have footnotes on hand that breaks them down and clarifies any discremency, and to see how they fit together.


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