Syphilis Up in US for 7th Straight Year

Syphilis Up in US for 7th Straight Year

CHICAGO (AP) - U.S. syphilis cases climbed for the seventh straight year in 2007, and increases in the disease among gay men and blacks largely contributed, government researchers reported Wednesday.
The trend can be partly blamed on too few gay men getting recommended annual screenings for syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, citing studies released at an STD conference in Chicago.
About 60 percent of syphilis cases last year occurred in gay men, compared with just 5 percent in 1999, according to preliminary CDC data presented at the conference.

STDs have made the headlines many times this past month.

In a society where freedom is the right to jump on each other like bonobos, then why does this surprise anyone?

As far as I see it, we’ve just been in a steady slope downwards since the 13th century.

This is the result of all the filth and perversion that is being promoted forced upon all of us by the hedonists, freemasons, sodomists, humanists, cultural marxists and all their rabid defenders.

The best way to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis is too incarcerate anyone and everyone who is guilty of engaging in any and all sexual activity outside of marriage, for i is these immoral activities that spread such diseases.

It seems to me that when people disobey God, there are terrible consequences that follow. When people lead a promiscuous lifestyle, consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases will all too often afflict them. So, it is interesting that with all of the promotion to our children in schools to use a condom, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases just continues to rapidly increase. Could it be that by promoting the use of condoms, the school authorities are actually promoting promiscuity? It’s like telling kids that there is a way to sin without suffering the consequences.I don’t know how effective condoms are but it only stands to reason that someone who is out to have a “good time” will always want to have a better time. By not using a condom, one increases the sensation of that lustful sex act. Society functions so much better if people keep their sex acts between married couples. That is God’s plan for a better world. It works, too.


Personally, regardless of your belief in various sexual lifestyles, my biggest problem with this is these folks not getting their checkups. If you live a lifestyle that has a high incidence of STDs you owe it to yourself and your partner(s) to get checked out regularly seek treatment. This would clear up a lot of the problem. It wouldn’t take care of the sinful aspects, but it could improve public health. I’m not speaking from a religious standpoint here, as is clear, but more of a “physical wellbeing for secular society” standpoint, which I think is releveant in our secular society.

I completely agree that people who are sexually active with multiple partners should get a checkup. However, our clinics and doctor’s offices seem to be overcrowded with patients. When I get sick, I just “tough it out” and don’t see a doctor. I can’t deal with sitting in a crowded waiting room for two hours, waiting to get my turn to see the doctor (or nurse practitioner}. A lot of people who live that “swinger” lifestyle aren’t going to go through the hassle of going to a clinic or doctor’s office. Only the rich can afford that “private physician” that Hollywood celebrities have. Also, there are constantly new strains of sexually transmitted diseases being formed. sure we live in a secular society. My feeling is simply that people who live in a secular society would benefit from by adopting some some religious principles.


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Swan: Belief in a particular “sexual lifestyle” is very much part of the problem. If you believe it is your " right" to do as you please, then, you will. And if it is your “right” then consequences be damned. If it is my “right” then it can’t be wrong. People who hold this philosophy are not interested in improving public health or the greater good of mankind. They are interested in being as dirty as they want to be, because of course, it is their “right”.

How can this be??

Everyone already knows all about STD’s and the damage they do to the individual. Is this not true?

There is another thread about STD’s and one would think that STDs are a big secret.


What do the freemasons have to with this?lol

The solution for this is CLEARLY not condoms

[quote=Urf]The solution for this is CLEARLY not condoms

…or freemasons.


I’m proud to be an American!

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