Syria and the Invisible Hand of Foreign Intervention

After overthrowing one Syrian government in the late 1940s, Washington wisely backed off from Syria. Now it may get drawn back into the vortex of one of the Mideast’s most difficult nations…

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Syria, like almost all of the other Arab countries, is a lose-lose proposition.

In all of these cases, the only real choice is between a corrupt, violent, repressive, secular-leaning dictator/monarch and a fanatical, violent, repressive, Islamic republic.

And one where the few remaining Christians will find themselves more oppressed than ever.

As they say: ***“First the Saturday people (the Jews), and then the Sunday people (the Christians)”***. The Jews are long-gone.

Anyone expecting the “Arab Spring” to be any different is naive.

Of course any foreign intervention will either be done by covert/black ops; or by proxy, with the dirty work done by mercenaries. Or both. The article is totally spot-on, because that’s the only way the public will allow their country’s involvement in Syria.

It IS a lose/lose situation in that part of the world. Sad, really. The big problem is that the Middle East can’t be ‘cleaned up’ piecemeal, one country at a time. It would take an effort of BIBLICAL proportion to make it comfortable for decent humans. Some countries like Kuait, Dubai, and Israel seem peaceful enough, but even they are plagued by terrorism from time to time.

It would take time, money, and blood. And lots of it. The U.S. won’t do it because:

  1. What’s to gain? What does Syria have that’s worth ANYTHING?

  2. The American public is sick of wasting men, time, and resources on ungreatful s**t-hole countries that want to turn around and kill us. This is an election year and NOBODY is going out on a limb for ANYONE in the Middle East. Fact. Not opinion.

From a humanitarian standpoint, I REALLY want someone do do SOMETHING. Who is going to man up and do it? Britain? France? China? Russia? Turkey? Anyone??? Or is the world waiting for the United States to do it?

Great article.

I typed up a big post, but deleted it in favor of a more charitable one.

I am thrilled SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING.


If the Syrian goverment is toppled, it’s a guarantee that Lebanon is next on the hitlist for the Saudi-Turkish-Qatari-US-Israeli cabal. I think Russia has to become more active in the region.

Despite Syria’s efforts to topple Lebanon’s government, including assasination?

The link in the OP was pretty outlandish:

Other unverified reports from the Mideast suggest that the U.S. mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater (it recently changed its name to Academi) is training Syrian rebels in Turkey, moving in veteran mercenaries from Iraq, where there were once fifty thousand U.S.-paid private soldiers, and sending combat units into Syria.

At least they didn’t espouse conspiracies stating Blackwater are “crusaders”, or part of Eric Prince’s Catholic army.

Opinion article, not a news story

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