Syria: At least 85 civilians feared dead after US air strike 'mistake'


**At least 85 civilians, including almost a dozen children, have been killed after US air strikes targeted an area in northern Syria held by Islamic State (Isis/Daesh) fighters, a monitoring group has said.

Some eight families were reportedly wiped out in the IS-controlled village of Tokhar near Manbij on Tuesday (19 July), in what could be one of the deadliest bombings of civilians by coalition forces since the start of operations in the country.**

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Interesting how when the US makes these mistakes it is treated as such whereas if someone like Russia makes a similar error the usual, “Russians they is the naughtiest peoples” ever articles start rolling out.


The US government makes mistakes too.


Ah yes but your mistakes are treated as such and not used as further excuses to carrying on ‘beating the boy’ to use a Russian expression.


Airstrikes violate the concept of the just war doctrine. Seriously, if we are to fight ISIL than I think Airstrikes are a bad idea.


Anyway, may those that died rest in peace


You must be kidding." Just war “with fanatic islamists and terorists?
Dont you see that after every time they loose they get up again crying “revenge”? They have the right to surrender and then be well treated and finally released, from Alah, who takes care of them.:mad:
They have no honor, and are wiling to do anything to kill westerners, even killing themselves.
They hide between civilians then acuse you of war crimes because civilians died?
Peacefuly civilians from whom replacement soldiers are recruited, who provide food etc. Those civilians should fight them Isis and after that only, be considered friendly.
This is no war by the book, as the europeans fought the last two ww (more or lkess).
Even in thouse wars bombing towns to destroy economical infrastructure was used…
They run you bankrupt if you fight them” politically corect".


What would two great Christians who have written on the concept of the just war, St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, say about this all (not only this, but the whole series of wars)?

Whoever gets to Heaven first should ask on behalf of America… :shrug:


Praying for the deceased & injured.


Well, Patriarch Kirill said that the war against terrorism should be a HolyWar.

What exactly is and how a war is declared HolyWar?


The mistake is bombing raids without any clear commitment to victory.

In any bombing campaign people who are not targets are going to die. That is just going to happen no matter who is dropping the bombs into the populated areas that ISIS controls. I

If any nation is not hard enough to make those hard choices without experiencing an emotional breakdown every time a child dies, then the nation ought not to be bombing in the first place.

The only thing that would make the death of these innocent people meaningful is a commitment to victory and a resolve to wipe ISIS off the map, and to keep them wiped off the map, until every potential Islamists knows in their heart of hearts that choosing Islamism is choosing death.

I personally don’t think that America or any Western nation is hard enough to do what it takes to win the war that ISIS and Islamists are waging. Therefore, to drop token bombs without the resolve to win is simply wasting these innocent lives without sufficient cause.

It is a choice to opt to absorb the kinds of damage that ISIS does to Western countries with their rape jihad and their attacks on Nice, and Paris, and the Tube, and San Bernadino and Orlando, and on and on and on.
It is also a choice to commit to utterly annihilate ISIS in the Levant and lay to rest the dreams of a Caliphate permanently.
It is a mere pretense to carry on against ISIS the way that countries have been since the Syrian civil war began.

If people are not committed to win, then don’t even bother.


What I think is the ideological part of the War on Terrorism was missing. Bush pretended it does not exist (islam is a religion of peace) and Obama went even further removing all the references to radical islam in the files of the terrorist atacks.
Somehow they do not want to create a precedent by judging a religion and excluding it as ilegal? Or they understand the freedom of religion includes the legality of any religion?
It is this part that keeps the war running.
If I say HolyWar I dont say crusade, because everything is different these days.
But somehow this ideologhical part must be addressed.

Otherwise its scary. As the time passes they get closer to the atomic bomb and not only. Obama lost a lot of time. Again because political correctness, wait until they destroy at least a major city? Continue this totally unbalanced war,with expenses 100times their expenses? Submit and pay tribute to them? Wipe the population of the middle est? There are no unlimited possibilities…


Do you think that it was wrong of us to bomb Nazi occupied Europe in WWII?


May those who were killed rest in peace. Praying also for their families and loved ones that they may be comforted.


This is not true at all.


I’m waiting for the Democrat posters to condemn, in fact, what they so vociferously attack Trump for in theory. I won’t hold my breath, though.:wink:


The Obama doctrine was Bush’s “Religion of Peace” policy on steroids, and particularly bad ones at that.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

That is the ideological part. The Caliphate, or God’s name blasphemously used to legitimate the oppression of the State, is very much a part of Islam. This is what defines Islamism, not terror, but precisely that.
Until we understand that, token bombs are killing real kids, without the possibility of victory.


We simply call it “collateral damage” and the cost of war, and move on.


It’s all part of the embrace of the evil of total war. The US policy, with which most agree, is that you can do anything in war to obtain your objective. Surprisingly we still feel righteous about accusing others of war crimes.


Please explain how airstrikes targeting military targets is a violation of the Just War doctrine and a war crime.

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