Syria: Christian militia opposes government, Islamic State [CWN]


USA Today has published a profile of Sutoro, a Christian militia of 1,000 in northeastern Syria that opposes both the Assad regime and the Islamic State."People don’t consider …



Jordanian Pilot captured as plane went down. So hope he can be protected. That is bad news. Photo at the link.

A warplane has been downed in an Islamic State-controlled region of Syria and the pilot taken captive, according to both a monitoring group and supporters of the extremist group.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in Britain, said the plane came down near Raqqa - a major Islamic State stronghold.


Well this can’t be right. We all “know” that anyone fighting against the Assad regime must of course be Islamic extremists. :rolleyes:


Its really no different then separatist basque catholics fighting for the republicans in the spanish civil war. The only reason Syria had so much Christians left is thanks to the Assad rule of Syria. By and large christians support Assad and he protects them. The majority of the anti Assad forces are fundamentalist muslims who don’t like non muslims. The pro western secular forces might have christians among them but they are a minority and they aren’t driving the civil war nor the sentiment behind it. True democracy in Syria would probably result in an Egypt like situation until another officer stepped in and instituted secular authoritarian rule again.


Let me guess, what’s driving the civil war is some sort of super secret Western plot to destabilize Russia. But please tell us more about how Egypt supposedly has had a “true democracy” given that the Egyptian military has effectively controlled Egypt since the 50s.


What? Its not a western plot its growing religious muslim sentiment against the authoritarian but secular Assad regime. The only reason the west kind of went along with it is because the Assad regime also happened to be close to Russia but thankfully popular sentiment prevented the neocons from getting into another middle eastern mess. I will. The democracy I was talking about was the election of the muslim brotherhood after the arab spring. The muslim brotherhood might not of have been liberal but they were democratically elected and the west shut their mouth over the ousting of the brotherhood because they don’t really care about democracy and wisely let the secular military take over. Thats what democracy brings in regions like this. If those freedom loving rebels in Syrian won out I’d predict a similar thing happening to the Egypt situation.


Excellent. An actual police department that protects even Christians. Very honorable of them.

…Obama should send them some care packages. Possibly arms, etc. I think they protect Kurds too.


-It’s not a Western plot quickly followed by a description of a Western plot.
-Ah, so the “true democracy” you speak of really isn’t a true democracy at all. But hey, thanks for assuming that Egypt and Syria have so similar of cultural and social pasts that one can be used as an example of the other.


-Read what I said. The west didn’t “plot” this but they do not support the Assad regime and almost took action against him. The only plot accusations are in your eyes. What are you going to tell me that western governments are supportive of Assad, is that the crazy plot?

-What true democracy? The one in Egypt where the military took over isn’t democratic but preferable for a stable Egypt.

-No problem. If you want to believe that the rebels in Syria are mostly Christians or democracy lovers go ahead, ignore the muslim radicals driving a lot of these rebels.


The landscape created by Christianity is that of the west.
The landscape created by Islam is that of the Middle East.
The landscape created by athiest communism is that of North Korea.

…there are areas in the world where two or more of the above meet -places like kazakhstan for example. Part communist part islam… Its an interesting country.

Perhaps all 3 meet there in a way. :shrug:


-No the crazy plot would be that the West is somehow motivated to oppose Assad because Russia supports him (or more correctly Russia’s national interests are served by keeping him in power). The fact that Assad violently turned his military on his own people because they dared protest his regime couldn’t possibly be a cause of why the West doesn’t support him. :rolleyes:
-How nice of you to judge that the best thing for other people is stability over actual freedom. But hey, nice to know that you feel stability and freedom are mutually exclusive.
-Yes, because the only other alternative to thinking that all the rebels in Syria are Islamic extremists bent on murdering every non-Muslim Syrian is to think that they are mostly democracy loving Christian Syrians. :rolleyes:


-Yeah the west would never support a violent regime, the pro Russian thing is just a coincidence. They have standards just ask Saudi Arab… wait a minute:rolleyes:

  • Im glad you care so much about what I think but instead of being glad about you judging me judging things can’t you non cryptically address what you thought of the muslim brotherhood and their ousting.:rolleyes: I don’t want to put words in your mouth but are you pro muslims brotherhood, you seem to think that they are stable and free so I’m glad that your glad that I’m glad.
  • Think what you want, Assad protects Syria’s Chsitians and realisticly secular pro westerners just don’t have a strong enough movement to secure Syria if the regime falls without the help of a lot of western (mostly US) military aid which you want to happen? Do you think the Muslim groups will just roll over when their common enemy gets ousted?


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