Syria conflict: Russia's Putin orders 'main part' of forces out


In a surprise move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to start withdrawing the “main part” of its forces in Syria from Tuesday.
He said the Russian intervention had largely achieved its objectives.


I think I’ll begin to believe this when more comes out about it. Maybe Russia has bombed non-ISIS rebels to the extent the Assad government and Hezbollah can now handle as many of them as are left in the country. But it’s not the easiest thing to imagine.


My guess is he’s running out of money to support an overseas force, even one as small as this one is…


Probably achieved his priority objectives, established a presence in the absence of the USA and their dilemma of confusion, propped up Assad and still has a military presence regardless. Time to get out. Obama will spin it as he was right all along also. I can’t wait to see his comments. :slight_smile:


You are correct, Monetary constraints are at least a contributing factor for Russia in this instance.

I believe the U.S. may eventually face a similar fate and run out of money to fund military interventions if it keeps spreading itself out through more and more military involvements around the world. There is only so much money and when that dries up the war effort is over, no matter who the country is.


My money is on Putin’s running out of money! He will get what he wanted out of being there - no sense sticking around.


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