SYRIA - Jesuit priest says people in Homs are starving [AN]


Despite the war, Fr Frans Van der Lugt never left Homs. Attacked by both regime and rebel forces, the Jesuit monastery where he lives has been open to everyone, Christian or Muslim. He is the last priest left with the city’s last 66 faithful. After more than a year ago of siege, residents are going mad and dying. Both regime and rebels must build trust and work together.



“Both regime and rebels must build trust and work together”. That would be the day…

Lack of respect for human life takes different forms in different places. In Syria, it seems to take the form of seeking to dehumanize competing groups of people - with the government leading by “example”.

Sadly, since the controversy over western intervention died down, there has been very little of Syria in the media and the issue seems to have faded from public consciousness. People continue to suffer and die regardless.

Pray for Syria.


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