Syria Rebels Raid Lebanese Town, Capture Soldiers


                            This appears to be the closest the war in Syria has gotten to Lebanon in 3 years.


It’s getting closer
11 soldiers, 30 militants killed in east Lebanon


Isn’t that town inside Lebanon, that would make it inside, not just close.


think it’s around 10 miles from Syria, but there isn’t much else between the two, pretty wide open area.


So is Lebanon the next country on the list to conquer?


Lebanese army saying it will have complete control of Arsal in 48 hours. Reports close to 70 killed in a town of around 60.000.

                            Arsal Fighting Enters Third Day as Army Seizes Control of Technical School [](


ISIS commander killed in Arsal clashes: report

                             and it's repercussions are being felt in Tripoli [](


Lebanon has a stronger Christian presence than Syria or Iraq.

Also, Hezbollah is in Lebanon is Shiite, and they are enemies of the ISIS. They’ll aid the Lebanese government to help insure ISIS doesn’t get a stronghold there.



Evening Lull Violated in Arsal after Accord Reached on Withdrawal of Gunmen, Release of Soldiers in Captivity Getting scarier for Lebanon
from he article

               And the state-run National News Agency said some leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant erected checkpoints late in the evening inside the Bekaa region and prevented residents from leaving the areas despite the “truce.”

                 Now we have ISIL setting up checkpoints in Lebanon ?


Deal reached: ISIS to leave Arsal, soldiers to be released


Local residents near Arsal have blocked a humanitarian aid convoy, fearing it may fall into the hands of ISIL and the Al-Nusra Front


Some good news out of Lebanon this morning. The multi-religious Lebanese army has routed ISIL and driven them out of Arsal killing 67 of them in the process

                        Hopefully they will be pursued relentlessly and finished off.


Report: Islamist Gunmen Infiltrate Arsal, Assault Residents Look’s like this is going to be round 2 for Arsal, which is only 7.4 miles from the Syrian border.

                       And along with that Lebanon also faces

Nusra Threatens Force to Free Prisoners, Says Troops Fate at Stake if Hizbullah Attacks Qalamun


I hope and pray that Lebanon is not drawn into this horrendous war.


Today’s reports

                                         According to al-Jadeed television, Arsal's outskirts are currently witnessing artillery shelling and fierce clashes.

                                        Earlier, media reports said an army post came under attack by militants from the IS and al-Qaida-affiliated al-Nusra Front in the al-Rahweh region.

Heavy fighting ensued as MTV said rocket-propelled grenades were used in the

                                       So it would appear that ISIS and Al-Nusra Front both have fighters inside of Lebanon at this moment.


And now ISIS is claiming to have beheaded one of the captive Lebanese soldiers


ISIS threatens to slaughter nine soldiers

BEIRUT: ISIS allegedly threatened in a new video Friday to slaughter nine Lebanese soldiers it is holding within three days unless the government acted to release Islamist detainees held in Roumieh prison.


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