SYRIA - TURKEY - Jihadist flag removed in Kobane after Kurdish counter-offensive against Islamic state [AN]


Kurdish militias retake the Tall Shair hilltop and remove Islamist flag thanks to US airstrikes. Obama meets coalition military leaders. Ankara stops aid to the Kurds, denies the US use of its air bases and bombs PKK rebel sites.



I guess Turkey would rather have Isis for a next door neighbor. Not very far thinking since Isis will treat Turks the same as they treat the Kurds once they get the chance.

The U.S. and NATO needs to rethink their relationship with Turkey.



Finally some good news.

And I’m especially glad that the Kurds haven’t joined ISIS. The Kurdish people have suffered so much at the hands of Saddam Husein that I think we are lucky they haven’t turned to extremism out of desperation.


Erdogan is an Islamist himself, but has no use for Iran; a potential rival in the region and a potential nuclear threat. So, he wants us to help him get rid of Iranian puppet Assad. He might not greatly mind an Arab Sunni “warrior state” keeping Iran busy in Iraq and, for that matter, in Lebanon.

Under Erdogan’s leadership, Turkey is a long way from being an ally of NATO.

But then, one must admit that under Obama’s leadership, the U.S. is a long way from being anyone’s true ally.


ISIS must have heard that Hells Angels are coming for them


U.S.-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

Turkish warplanes were reported to have attacked Kurdish rebel targets in southeast Turkey after the army said it had been attacked by the banned PKK Kurdish militant group, risking reigniting a three-decade conflict that killed 40,000 people before a cease-fire was declared two years ago.

But read the body of the article above, Turkey apparently has bombed Kurdish Rebels in Turkey. Definitely NOT good news. The poor Kurds should be in our prayers. Hard to judge, I guess the PKK is probably recognized as a Terrorist group in the US.


Very hard to judge indeed. If history is any guide there is probably enough blame for both sides.


One wonders though. What blame was there to place on the Armenians who died at the hands of the Turks early in the last century?


Now that is strange, I doubt they really know what they are doing.



This morning, Turkish jets carried out airstrikes against bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, after days of rioting and attacks by Kurds infuriated by Turkey’s abandonment of the Kurdish defenders in Kobani, Syria. The bombing probably means the end of Turkey’s 18-month cease-fire and peace talks with the PKK, a huge decision by Erdogan and, in my view, a tragic if predictable mistake.

The surprise, however, lay in how Erdogan prepared Turks for restarting their 30-year war with the PKK, and what that says about his world view.

The problem, Erdogan told students at Marmara University in Istanbul on Monday, is that new “Lawrence of Arabias” are tearing up the Middle East. He was referring to the British army officer T.E. Lawrence, who helped to stir Arab tribes to rise against their German-allied Ottoman rulers during World War I, leading to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

These Lawrences are “making Sykes-Picot agreements hiding behind freedom of press, a war of independence or jihad,” said Erdogan. Sykes-Picot, of course, refers to the British and French diplomats who made a secret 1916 agreement to carve up Ottoman territories between the two colonial powers.

“Each conflict in this region has been designed a century ago,” said Erdogan. “It is our duty to stop this.” He went on to elaborate that Turkey is the only country able to provide peace in the Middle East, “not by changing borders, but by instilling hope and trust.”

The second is that Erdogan truly believes in his grandiose plans for Turkey to become the organizing force of the Middle East. The Ottoman Sultans, after all, were the last Caliphs, ruling over the territory that Islamic State wants to rebuild into a grotesque parody of the old Caliphates.

Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia all hold similar grandiose visions of being the powers-to-be in the region.


Per AFP, reliable source, US-led airstrikes killed “several hundred” ISIS militants.

Washington (AFP) - US-led air strikes on a Syrian border town killed “several hundred” Islamic State fighters but it may still fall, officials warned Wednesday, acknowledging significant jihadist gains in Iraq and Syria.

While Iraqi troops prevented the jihadists from seizing a lynchpin provincial capital near Baghdad, a senior US envoy admitted IS forces have scored important advances in Iraq,

John Allen, a retired four-star general and US envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State, said it would take time to build up local forces to defeat them there and in Syria.


One wonders how much the changing demographics are making Turks nervous. The Europeanized Turkish western part of the country has Europeanized birth rates, while the Kurdish east is more conservative, and more interested in having children.

Violence may soon be the only solution for the Turkish Turks to keep the Kurdish Turks in their place.


Small indications, such as the budget increase for the Religious Affairs Directorate may point towards more religiosity in Turkey, At least more support for Sunni Islam since they are the only true beneficiaries.

Erdogan seems most interested in shaping opinions of himself (and the AKP) in the Arab world than in the West. Turkey may be turn out to be another case of Islamic Revival. Time will tell.


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