Syrian forces recapture ancient city of Palmyra


Syrian forces recapture ancient city of Palmyra

*Syrian antiquities experts immediately announced a team would be sent to the ancient city - dubbed the “Bride of the Desert” for its famous 2,000-year-old ruins - to estimate the damage to famous monuments and artefacts.

Maamoun Abdul-Karim, Syria’s head of antiquities and museums, said he would go himself to Palmyra once bomb squads finish removing explosives planted by IS militants before they lost the town.

The recapture of Palmyra by Syrian government forces on Sunday marked the first major defeat for the extremist group since an international agreement to battle terrorism in the fractured nation took effect last year.*


Why is David Cameron so silent on the recapture of Palmyra from the clutches of Isis?

*In the end, it was the Syrian army - and its Hizballah chums from Lebanon, and the Iranians, and the Russians - who drove the Isis murderers out of Palmyra

The biggest military defeat that Isis has suffered in more than two years. The recapture of Palmyra, the Roman city of the Empress Zenobia. And we are silent. Yes, folks, the bad guys won, didn’t they? Otherwise, we would all be celebrating, wouldn’t we?

So in the end, it was the Syrian army and its Hizballah chums from Lebanon and the Iranians and the Russians who drove the Isis murderers out of Palmyra, and who may - heavens preserve us from such a success - even storm the Isis Syrian ‘capital’ of Raqqa. I have written many times that the Syrian army will decide the future of Syria. If they grab back Raqqa - and Deir el-Zour, where the Nusrah front destroyed the church of the Armenian genocide and threw the bones of the long-dead 1915 Christian victims into the streets - I promise you we will be silent again.*


For several months we’ve been hearing two stories based upon which news sources you tend to trust. 1. The US and it’s allies are hammering ISIS, while the Russians are doing very little. 2.Russia is hammering ISIS, while the US and it’s allies are doing very little. Right now I think I know which scenario sounds more plausible.


Very interesting column. At some point all of this hypocrisy is going to just be common knowledge. The fog of propaganda is quickly dissipating.


Mind you, the majority of the international news outlets have not informed their respective ‘sheep’. :wink:

From what I can see, only the Irish press has reported on it, as well as the opinion piece highlighting the ‘absence’ of the news about Palmyra.


Yeah, and I bet there’s probably a small army of people with poli-sci doctorates trying to figure out how to properly spin this into some kind of “Putin invaded Palmyra”-type story for the Pentagon to release as it’s official position. Seriously, I wager that something along these lines will happen in less than 24 hours. Putin will be cast as a sinister villain and scurrilous mountebank trying to take credit for the U.S. victory…:rolleyes:


haha…that’ll be why they’re all so quiet, all working away to come up with some ‘whopper’! :smiley:


I read the damage to historical sites was not as bad as feared which I am thankful for. I just hope they don’t retake Palmyra in the future.


Fingers crossed, that ISIS will be run out of Syria - mind you, where’s next.

I saw on RT news that there are numerous landmines planted, by ISIS, all over the city that they are currently disarming with robots/specialists.


I pray they find every last landmine without anyone being hurt.


Thanks to all those who sacrificed to rid ISIS from Palmyra or any other place they exist.
It would have been a good thing to know more about how this took place and how much Russia enabled this defeat to occur. Whatever the motivation, the removal is appreciated.
Its my understanding there were no innocent civilians left in the city.


If you would like to know how Russian servicemen helped to defeat these kind of people perhaps the fate of the Russian officer who called an airstrike on his own position when he realised he was surrounded and could not escape should give you an insight into that matter.


Well that is pretty awful (as the whole thing is). Of course we don’t hear any of these stories - how do you hear of them? The military of honorable countries are to be commended for their sacrifice. Have you any knowledge of further success in eradicating ISIS? I recently heard of another city that had ancient treasures of history that ISIS
destroyed (of course it doesn’t compare to the lives they destroy, but disgusting anyway).
I heard Russia was pulling out of the area - there has been very little about it. I hoped they would join in the effort to rid the vermin.



Join in with whom?

Russia has been hitting ISIS, very successfully, over the past 6 months, as fully evidenced by the easier retaking of Palmyra, by Syrian troops. Yes, Putin has started to withdraw military jets, etc… from Syria, in line with the ‘peace talks’ taking place. However, Russia is still assisting Syria - presently dismantling live mines, planted in Palmyra, by ISIS, by Russian engineers and robots.


May his soul rest in peace, and prayers for his wife and family.

The Russian Special forces officer is Alexander Prokhorenko.

**It’s the last com from the Russian spotter to base:
Officer: command I am compromised, repeat I am compromised.

Command: please repeat and confirm

Officer: They have spotted me, there are shooting everywhere, i am pinned, request evacuation immediately

Command: evacuation request acknowledged

Officer: please hurry I am low on ammo, they seem to everywhere, I can’t hold them for too long please hurry

Command: Confirmed, hold them off, continue return of fire, go to safe position, air support is monitoring, state coordinates

Officer: gives coordinates which are blurred in the translation

Command: command repeats coordinates which are blurred. Confirm

Officer: confirmed, please hurry I am low on ammo, they are surroundig me, bastards

Command: 12 minutes until evacuation, return to safe line, I repeat return to safe line

Officer: They are close, I am surrounded, this may be the end, tell my family I love them dearly

Command: return to green line, continue return of fire, help is on the way, followed by air support

Officer: negative, I am surrounded, they are so many of these bastards

Command: 10 minutes, return to green line

Officer: I can’t they have surrounded me and are closing in, please hurry

Command: move to green line, repeat move to green line

Officer: They are outside, conduct the airstrike now please hurry, this is the end, tell my family I love them and i died fighting for my motherland.

Command: Negative return to green line

Officer: I cant command, I am surrounded, they are outside, I don’t want them to take me and parade me, conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform. I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. please my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way.

Command: please confirm your request

Officer: They out outside, this is the end commander, thank you, tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer. Please take care of my family, avenge my death, good bye commander, tell my family I love them

Command: No response, orders the airstrike*


No doubt, there will be many more graves found in Palmyra and also in Raqqa - which hopefully the Syrian army will reclaim back soon. This comment caught my eye in relation to the headline:

*K Lonsdale, Oxford, United Kingdom, 13 minutes ago

Why do you insist on referring to the Syrian government, the one that most of the Syrian electorate voted for, as the “Assad regime”? Why don’t you speak of the “Obama regime” and Cameron regime" *

**Syrian army uncover mass grave after re-capturing ancient city of Palmyra

The bodies of 42 civilians and soldiers executed by ISIS uncovered

24 of ISIS’s victims were civilians, including three young children**


And Prokhorenko is a Ukrainian name.


Highly doubt this will be the last atrocity they uncover as Daesh is pushed back. :frowning:


Sadly so. I fear that when all is said and done, it may well come dangerously close to resembling Khmer Rouge-era Cambodia in terms of proportionate death toll.

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