Syrian Islamist rebels to meet U.S. officials: opposition sources


Contacts with the United States will not be undertaken lightly by the Islamic Front, which includes Salafi groups such as Ahrar al-Sham brigades which are mainly hostile to the West and have rejected U.S.-Russian backed U.N. peace talks for Syria, due to be held in Switzerland next month. But their leaders have compared engaging with Washington to the Prophet Mohammad’s temporary and tactical truces with enemy tribes as he built up his power.


                                                If this doesn't clearly show that the US is now one of the "bad guys" in the international arena, I don't know what will.


The Islamist “rebels” behead Christians while the U.S. Government (D) sees us as “bigots”. I’m sure they can find common ground. :eek:


The US didn’t learn from Afghanistan.


We didn’t learn from the Tunis actions (about 1805). :shrug: We may never learn.


I love your posts. You’re all for an actual dictator who’s government actually engages in oppression of its populace, common and wide spread torture of those who stand against it, unjust imprisonment, and unjust executions; yet label a democratically and justly elected individual who’s administration doesn’t engage in the above, but who’s policies you disagree with (something you couldn’t do publically in Syria) as a dictator.

Additionally, you add cute little “” around rebels. Apparently you either have knowledge that every Syrian rebel isn’t actually a) a Syrian or b) isn’t in armed opposition to the Syrian government for its repressive and unjust actions; or you have no clue what the definition of rebel is.

But the icing on the cake is the fact that if we apply your viewpoint to the American Revolution we are left with a bunch of “rebels” murdering and terrorizing the poor victimized English government (which, when compared to the Syrian government, was composed of saints) to force their radical leftist (yes, the founding fathers were radical leftists) ideology. Good job and God save the Queen.:thumbsup:


This part- “to the Prophet Mohammad’s temporary and tactical truces with enemy tribes as he built up his power” makes me wonder how anyone could think he was a prophet or on a mission from God. Temporary and tactical truces to build up your power aren’t really something I would describe as actions undertaken by a prophet. Those are actions I would describe as something a secular (i.e. not a prophet) ruler would undertake.


Thank you! :thumbsup:


That’s a nice way of distracting from the fact that the U.S government is about to have tea with men who are prone to eating their enemies’ livers. Apparently in the West we are happy to negotiate with terrorists now.

Trying to compare the Sons of Liberty to these goons in Syria is more than a little bit of a stretch.


Sons of Liberty? You mean the people who considered one group of people property and another group of people sub-human savages because of their skin color? Yes, explain to me how my comparison is such a stretch. Especially since these “so saintly and praise worthy they need a proper title” people also engaged in similar crimes and war crimes and helped establish an exodus of pro-British Americans to Britain and Canada.


And for all that, they have -in contrast to these goons in Syria- the wonderfully endearing distinction of not being cannibals.

The Sons of Liberty did not eat the Red Coats.

So yes, your claims are a grotesque stretch and exaggeration.


Personally, I think its stupid that they are going to meet with these rebels. Aren’t some of these rebels backed by Al Qaeda affiliated groups?


Review your history. The so called “goons” in Syria aren’t doing anything different then what American colonists (or as you like to call them “Sons of Liberty”) did against Native Americans (well they are doing something different since I haven’t heard about Syrian rebels offering “scalp bounties” for the scalps of their enemies). Europeans and Americans have a rather long history with not only cannibalism during war, but ritual cannibalism against enemy soldiers.

As to who’s a “goon” let’s review-
-ritual cannibalism- both groups
-use of terror to intimidate/bully the civilian populace- both groups
-extra judicial actions “for the cause”- both groups
-use of violence to push a radical political viewpoint- both groups
-use of violence against a government that really wasn’t that bad or a dictatorship- “Sons of Liberty”
-use of torture- both groups (or do we consider tarring and feathering not to be torture?)
-slavery perfectly ok, some people are property, not people- “Sons of Liberty”
-some people are sub-human, not people- “Sons of Liberty”
-perfectly legal to not only kill some people, but to offer bounties on their scalps- “Sons of Liberty”

Yeah…not looking so good for your “Sons of Liberty*.”

Blacks, Native Americans, and women need not apply since they don’t really count*.

**Non land owning white men also really don’t count, but we’ll just rig the system after the war. No reason to alienate cannon fodder from the “cause.”


Yes it’s a stupid idea (at best it won’t accomplish anything constructive) and yes some of them are supported by Al Qaeda (the fact that we really don’t know who is supported by them or by how much is another reason this is a stupid idea). This is more than likely just a “hey we are doing something so we look important” ploy by the government. That or we want something from Russia and are using the support for the rebels as leverage.


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