Syria's Assad approves gas attack in Idlib despite warning, report says

U.N. officials believe an offensive on Idlib would trigger a wave of displacement that could uproot an estimated 800,000 people and discourage refugees from returning home. The U.S. and France have warned an Idlib offensive would trigger a humanitarian crisis and warned that a chemical attack in Idlib would prompt a western retaliation.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the international pressure did little to sway Assad, who benefits from support from Russia and Iran. The report said Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas.


Turkey and Putin are aiding and abetting this monster.


Iran and Putin are aiding and abetting this monster, not Turkey. Turkey has their own faults though clearly.


Only crickets heard from POTUS despite the tough talk…But then again do we expect him to take a stand against Putin or Putin`s allies?

Disgraceful if not treasonous.


Are the Russians and Syrians bombing today? It sounds like they aren’t. Yeah, let’s start a war with the Russians, World War III.

The Trump administration with our military and allies has finalized beating ISIS back in Iraq and Syria, stopping the Caliphate, ISIS is not committing mayhem all over. It’s a complex situation.

ISIS the great persecutors of Christians, beaten back.

Your statement is the one I have to question. Going after Trump on this? ISIS rose to power under Obama and our withdrawing troops. You sound like you just want to complain about the President and may not even really care about the situation.

What we said is if chemical weapons are used, we will act. It doesn’t sound like you know the news at all.

One should not state falsehoods, that is a wrong as well. Calumny and slander too, I thought Trump had our forces, fire missiles at Syria two times. Does one want a full-fledged war? Do we have troops in Syria? Yes, we do.

About disgraceful comments? Er, hateful comments. Shakes head.


well there ya go!


This is not US business, as far as I am concerned the US has no business in Syria in the first place.


Correct !

Turkey however, was aiding ISIS in letting recruits cross through Turkey

Also, Turkey attacked the Kurds, one of the few groups with boots on the ground fighting ISIS. The US was providing military aid to the Kurds before Trump stopped it, in response to pressure from Turkey.



It’s really complex. I do a lot of reading and I don’t fault people for saying this or that. Per one’s perspective, one can put it in any manner. I’m sure if one researches for example, who was ISIS’s biggest oil customer, one might find it was Assad. Refugees are fleeing Syria and the main reason is Assad though there are other reasons. Anyone saying the US doesn’t belong there is like saying at other times in history, people should just stand by while a dictator murders. Never Again.

Anyway, I surf twitter, read a few different Middle Eastern websites, Middle East Eye for example is but one… then, like as it was in other conflict zones, one can make decisions. Maybe there isn’t one correct side.


Interestingly, I agree, it is generally held, those who joined ISIS from Europe at least, came through Turkey…

Before, it was said, those who were terrorists attacking US and other coalition troops in Iraq, came through Syria, that is probably correct as well.

I am not going to try and say things to irritate others. There is plenty to read on this.

ISIS in Iraq was “defeated” pretty quickly, ISIS in Syria really isn’t defeated yet. Where ISIS was defeated in Syria, it was because of the US, our coalition partners and the Kurd dominated Syrian Defense Forces which we back. In fact, they just won another town, city, whatever, today.

A website called Kurdistan24 in English is a helpful websites, there are other Kurdish news sites.


Unsurprisingly, U.S. mainstream media outlets now echo the Trump administration on Idlib, despite their own past admissions that the province is dominated by Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups. For instance, a New York Times article published this past Sunday opened by lamenting that the Syrian government offensive targeting Idlib presented a threat to rebel fighters and their civilian supporters who rose up more than seven years ago demanding regime change,” noting only in the story’s 21st paragraph that these same “rebel fighters” are “affiliated with Al Qaeda.”

While it may seem striking that the Trump administration would spring to the defense of a known “Al Qaeda safe haven,” government officials have stated in recent months that the U.S.’ objectives in Syria are no longer about fighting terrorism but about countering the “Iranian menace,” as National Security Adviser John Bolton stated in July. Thus, it seems that defending Al Qaeda has become par for the course given the Trump administration’s ultimate goal of targeting Iran, a country that has spent much of the past seven years fighting terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.


Mint Press has no crediibility and that’s a nice word, I read an article where they tried to find it’s offices and they couldn’t. It’s just a propaganda machine.

The Russians and Syrians say these things to justify their killings of innocents. Russia and Syria have barely done anything to fight ISIS.

Burke had written that, “With the explosion of alternative Internet news sites, considerable misinformation has been circulated about Syria. While there are many reputable alternative news sites, some function as an unrecognized force for Assad. They never publish the international human ­rights organizations’ reports about the regime’s crimes. Instead, they post interviews with Assad, polls that claim most Syrians support him, articles on rebel or ISIL abuses, and stories that blame the U.S. for Syria’s uprising. Sample pro-­Assad headlines: ‘Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad,’ ‘81% of Syrians Believe U.S. is to Blame for Isis,’ ‘Letter from a Pro­Assad Syrian Resident of California.’ Who are these sites? Mint Press, Info Wars, the Anti­Media, Shadowproof, Media Roots, Counter Current News, SouthFront and Zero Hedge are among the alternative ‘news’ organizations that provide no information on how they are funded or the names of a board.”

Russia is something like 139th out of 180 countries in the world for freedom of the press, they couldn’t even be in the Olympics with a normal team because of doping and we are suppose to listen to what Syria/Russia say? I don’t think so.

Website of the fake news that comes out of Russia.


Interesting, if Kurdistan ends up with territory and a seaport.


Iran first but this last week it looks like Turkey was a happy camper between Putin and Assad. I can’t seem to find the picture at the moment. :thinking:


That may be a game changer!


I’m sorry that you didn’t like the article.

I thought it was a pretty good article. Informative, well researched and written and accurate. :slightly_smiling_face:


More reading


It’s real strange, no matter what it’s about, you will find many sources that say the Assad regime has bought ISIS oil.


In that case America had best start sanctioning itself considering the source of some of the products such as oil they have bought and the regimes they deal with. America is not involved in the conflict to save the locals, it’s there due to pragmatic power politics and self-interest and the strategic location of the nation.


Putin’s popular with Neo-Nazis and Nationalist types, Russia’s #139 out of 180 countries for freedom of the press, Russia couldn’t even get into the Summer Olympics because of doping while poisoning people in England, a truly great country.

The great Russian police force a few days ago against her own people.

Those who say they stand up for Russia can think again about it. They stand for Putin and not Russia. No cock and bull stories about people who are not there, who do not represent the people of Russia but Putin, who only have anecdotes for the rest of us, who live on the fat of the West while putting it down. Russia collaborated with the Nazis to start World War II, let no one tell you different and their regimes are not that different.

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