System isn’t remembering the last post that I’ve read

As stated, several weeks ago the CAF system began forgetting my last location in a thread. If someone else has discussed the problem, I missed that thread.

For example, I submitted the last (at that time) post, #6513, on the “Let’s pray a Perpetual Rosary” thread, read elsewhere, then remembered that I’d not checked my spelling after my post appeared. When I went back to the rosary thread the system took me to Post #6330, almost 200 posts earlier. This is occurring almost every time that I return to a thread.

Anyone else with the same problem?

It was doing that to me on my mobile phone, starting at number 1 all the time.

I then realised I wasn’t logged in on my mobile phone. :smiley:

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I only have an iPhone and started my CAF account with it. I’m guessing this might’ve started as long as 2-3 months ago—lol!—long enough that it almost seems normal.

Also, it suddenly moves backward sometimes, on its own, while I’m reading.

I’d thought someone else would start a thread on it, with a resultant fix, long before now, but no such luck.

I have noticed that happening to me also on my
Kindle every once in awhile.

I someone likes your post by clicking on the heart, you
get notified and it will take you to that post - so don’t confuse that with the sydtem forgetting where you are at.

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i have found the “Let’s pray a Perpetual Rosary” thread to be an important part of my life now. I go back to the 1st post, reading and praying for all of the intentions, thinking about the mysteries and examining the art with the zoom feature. I’m often led to looking online for additional info.

Anyhow, if I ended on post #176, the system used to take me back to #176 the next time I returned. Now I must scroll, which is a problem when we’re approaching 7000 posts.

However, I used to press on the total # of posts, be transported to a page where I typed the page # that I wanted next, and landed on it—zoom! No can do, now.

Gosh! I hope I don’t get bounced around when a “like” notification occurs! I did change my notifications settings so I’d be notified for each “like,” but in addition to the heart icon, the notification now redundantly says “received likes,” instead of naming the thread. :grinning:

Maybe that is the thread I have had problems with too.
I also love the art work on that thread.

I will have to pay attention.

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I’d forgotten that! Yes, mine has done the same. I’d press and hold the total post # button, then type in the last post #, & go to the last post entry, but now that feature is discombobulated, too! :cry: Several of the threads I’m trying to go back and forth in have a few thousand posts, so scrolling on a phone is bad news for our poor wrists!


Did you notice the Blessed Virgin with the large, charcoaled eyes and her hands backward? Think she might have been in green garments, with only the upper half of her body in the painting. Her palms are turned toward her face, so we see the backs of her hands, even her fingernails. Lol! But her thumbs are to the center of her body, not on the outer edges. I’m surprised that painting got out of the room in which it was painted! Too funny!

@Aroosi —I’m thinking that maybe you posted that picture, and some others of people with large, charcoaled eyes? Do you know anything about the artist? Didn’t you think the artist is a hoot?!

I will have to go back and look and recollect my memory.

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Lol! It may even be a thousand or more posts ago, but I thought that it was so funny! I looked for reversed hands in other paintings by that artist, but didn’t find any. The eyes in some of his/her paintings, though, were comical. Much white is showing, & the eyes are rolled way to the side, or way up, and all with heavy charcoaling. Reminded me of some of my students’ art work, in junior high. I wasn’t a trained art teacher, but I was pressed into teaching it in three different schools (Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio).

I haven’t found it yet I don’t think. What do you mean by heavy charcoaling?

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I believe it was Cleopatra who became famous (lol! or infamous!) for heavily outlining her eyes with pieces of charcoal, such as was demonstrated in the movies “Cleopatra”and “David and Bathsheba.” It’s what we’d call lining our eyes today. I’ll keep looking. I think the blessed Virgin’s in green clothing. There are several pics with those eyes, even on the men, in that section of the thread.

What number range are you searching now?

I probably just went back about 50 from the last post.

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I started with 3000 & am working my way forward.

@Minks there are so many pictures in the thread, not sure which one you are referring to. Maybe this one?

THANK YOU! Lol! That’s the one! I probably hunted around an hour by scrolling; the tendons & nerves in my hands and wrists can attest to that!

Don’t you think it’s strange that that painting was circulated? I’m really surprised, although Baby Jesus, amazingly, is kneeling in prayer in utero in another picture! Not by this artist, though. The article you cited said that the pic was found on a pottery shard. Hmmmmm. I thought shards were way too little for even a small image. Look how early it is and I’ve already learned something new today!

If you zoom in and enlarge the pic in the thread, you can even see the fingernails. What post number was this? I was thinking around 5300-5500, but began with 5300. Maybe I skimmed through too quickly? Thanks muchly!

Two questions: what post # & how long did it take you to find it? :grinning: :rofl:


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I did not search in the thread. I remembered where I took the picture from and which country the artist was from. It should be in one of the posts praying for peace between USA and Iran.

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This is happening to me now.

First, try going offline, then back online after a few minutes. On some of the prayer threads, I move back and forth repeatedly, and seem to confuse the poor Back button above the total post tally, so it runs and hides! Lol! Usually, going offline, then back online, has remedied the problem for me, except as outlined on this thread.

If that doesn’t work, and you still have your edit pencil showing, use the @ and the name cawebmaster, with no space between them, in order to summon help. If no editing pencil is displayed, just send him/her a Private Message (PM). They’ll take care of it as quickly as the problem surfaces in their problem list.

Bless our people at the helm! Last time, this problem was mentioned in another thread, also, and our mighty guardians corrected this glitch right away after we let them know about it. :grinning:

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