System of a down, Religious?

my great grandfather came from Ireland in the early 1930s. My dad is full Irish.:irish1:

Oh… Armenian…that’s what they are. I knew they were something but I couldn’t put my finger on what. I’m American and we don’t get as much exposure to SOAD until they release a new music video. *Steal this Album *was heavily undermarketed(I believe that was intentional). It wasn’t until Mesmerize and Hypnotize came out that people noticed that they were still around. But no, they aren’t anti-christian at all.

I see, well if your Da was born in Ireland and you got a bit more Irish on the other side then yeah sure, I’ll welcome you as one of us…Meet me round the back of the pub and I’ll fill you in on what the agenda is.

Is it just me or is this getting waaay of topic now?

Yeah I saw a thinly veiled anti-Semitic comment and decided to steer the thread away from certain distaster.

You’re welcome.

Nothing to do with SOAD, but its funny. After my post we go back on topic. :slight_smile:

Well it’s obvious for three reasons, firstly most people know more about the genocide in Darfur since it’s in the media a lot. Between Bono and Alec Baldwin and celebrities in Hollywood people are far more aware of the human butchery of the past 10-15 years than something that happened in 1915. Secondly, Where was the world news coverage at the time of the Armenian genocide? And thirdly, why did the Bush administration not accept the resolution to accept and acknowledge that it happened? Because of the great northern ally and closest neighbor to Iraq is Turkey, so that the current American government will deny an ethnic cleansing campaign? This is an injustice and it’s no wonder why people don’t know about it, I don’t blame the people for not knowing about it, but people should.:shrug:

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