System where Suicides can Donate Organs Immediately?

I read this article:

It suggests a system where people committing suicide can do it with a doctor or whatever so their organs can be used for transplants since the organs begin to decay right away after death.

As a catholic I know suicide is a sin, but if it is going to happen anyway or the person killing himself isn’t from a religion that forbids suicide, what do you think?

Suicide is against the natural law, like any murder. If some religions and societies permit or glorify it, this is because habitual sin has polluted their cultural ambience so badly that they can no longer foster in their members a sense of the difference between right and wrong.

Do we want to contribute to this darkness by deceptively packaging suicide as an act of charity towards potential organ recipients? Do depressed and hurting people need, as counsel in deciding how to face their situation, more voices in society telling them that their organs are valuable even if they aren‘t?

This borders on cannibalism. It‘s on a level with those letters by Oregon health insurance providers that tell patients in so many words, „We won‘t pay for your cancer treatment but we are willing to pay for assisted suicide.“

I agree that God would not approve. But if someone was already going to offend God with that act - do you think we would be better off if the organs could be used? What if lives were saved, lives of Christian children or any other religion? Just thinking.

Suicide, depending on the reasons, may not always be mortally sinful. Only God knows the state of our hearts. But, that being said…to commit suicide with the sole purpose of giving one’s organs to science…is wrong. But, if someone commits suicide, who happened to be an organ donor, then the donation shouldn’t be seen as immoral, in that case. Interesting thread.

Generally, people discourage suicide and there are crisis hotlines and all sorts of help for people contemplating the act. However, should the law allow for organ donations such as this, then it will change to encourageing suicide. People who ordinarily would not commit suicide now will since they are encouraged by the doctors and those who need the organs. It will probably even go as far as to telling the suicide victims that they are doing a noble and charismatic act. This is just unacceptable.

Believe me, it is already encouraged. At this point it is not pressured, but, that may change in short order.

Sadly, I can see it coming, what you’re saying here. What’s happening to our world when people look at human life, unless valuable to society in ‘some’ way, as disposable? :frowning:

Soon it will become the duty of otherwise healthy, but depressed, people to stop “burdening” their families and the health care system, have a doc give them a shot of anesthesia and kill them by taking the organs for transplant.

This is so sad and scary. :frowning:

That would be horrible to pressure people who are simply depressed to go that route. But does it not make some sense if somebody has already decided for a fact they are going to do kill themself? Even if God doesn’t want suicide, would he not prefer a suicide that saved other lives to one that did not?

No, this a terrible option for someone contemplating suicide to consider. It will only make it more likely that they will actually kill themselves. Life must be protected without compromise.

just another reason for society to promote and encourage suicide…

No one should profit from such a tragedy… I’m sorry, but that’s the way i feel…

Just saw the movie Seven Pounds yesterday. It is promoting this idea that suicide can be a noble thing and can actually benefit other people.

[quote=livewithjesus] I agree that God would not approve. But if someone was already going to offend God with that act - do you think we would be better off if the organs could be used? What if lives were saved, lives of Christian children or any other religion? Just thinking.

This is the argument used for embryonic stem cell research. The unborn babies are going to die anyway, so why not use them to help others live. God help us all.

I do not think the system would work.

Those who are contemplating suicide are not usually thinking of other people, they’re only thinking about the huge amount of pain they’re in, and that suicide is the only way out of the pain.

In such a state, I doubt they will be thinking “Oh look, I should donate my organs now, since I’m going to kill myself”

i agree to a certain extent.

However,this is what social scientists are working to change.

Break down the barriers.

Make it a NOBLE thing to kill yourself IF you are donating organs to enable someone else to live!!!

HOWEVER: What if you state that you do not want any organ donations?

Do you become regarded as a a selfish person?

Years ago, my initial reaction was to be an organ donor. After research I managed to convince my family to say “NO” on their Driver’s Licences.

Since then, I have found nothing to change my mind.

How I see it, if the person has already committed suicide, it is not immoral to use their organs for transplant if they are an organ donor. However encouraging suicide for organ donation or claiming it is noble is where the evil is. There is clear line here.

Same with the embryonic stem cells. It is not immoral to use the embryos that have already died for research as Bush did permit but the evil lies in producing or killing more healthy embryos that very well could become a human being for more research.

Basically it is not immoral to use the embryos already preserved and dead because what good would come out of disposing of them? At least some good could come out of it. However the immorality is the fact that they continue to kill embryos. It’s one thing to stop killing embryos for good and find more moral methods of research and use the remaining dead embryos and another to continue killing embryos. As with the earlier argument, it’s one thing to use the organs of a suicide victim ( assuming the victim wasn’t encouraged or assisted for the sole purpose or organ donation ) and another to promote and encourage suicide for organ donation. The ends don’t justify the means. But it is not immoral to make good use or create good through organ donation out of a death that in no way was influenced by organ donation. Get my drift?

At least that is how I see it, I’m open for remarks of course so I can think of it from others opinions.

BTW I did just come from seeing the movie " Seven Pounds " and must admit I almost did cry ( I’m 20 and male = not common ). I don’t think it promotes suicide for a greater good at all. I can see how one can get that message but I don’t think that was the sole message of the movie. I got the message of pure altruism and selfless acts as a form of repentance and antonment for his guilt. I’ll try not to spoil the end but the message I got out of the movie was nothing short of pure selfless love for others especially the one he fell in love with. Could any of you do the same thing for your loved one if there was no other way and you felt it was right?

If he was simply doing those things and never visited or cared to call or check up on the people he helped, then yes that would not be true selfless love. However to me it seemed like he cared for and loved the ones he got close too although much more than himself which was sad.
However the immoral part was that God also expects us to love ourselves just as much as others where as he didn’t love himself at all which was evident in the movie.

AND THIS IS THE EXACT MOVIE THAT HELPED ME FIND MY PURPOSE!! Now I just have to find how to get it done legally and properly so all of my organs can be put to good use to help as many people as I can!!!

i think it’s actually a good idea, think of how many children die each year because they can’t get a transplant organ. with over 35,000 suicides a year (i think i could be wrong on those numbers) in the us alone, those are a lot of organs and a lot of people saved (who actually want to live).

so instead of jumping off the golden gate bridge or swallowing a 9mm only to be found bloated and rotten a week later, little timmy gets that liver he so desperately needed and the suicide gets to do it painlessly and quickly, it’s a win win.

This is morally repugnant. In fact, rarely have I seen such base, sick and disgusting sentiments posted here. The very user name of this person is a mockery.

so that’s a no then?

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