SYTYCD Season 3

So You Think You Can Dance:

It has begun! :smiley:

Jamie and Hok - hip hop to “Tamborine
Anya and Danny - jive to “Girlfriend” :rolleyes:
Lacey and Cameron - lyric/contemporary to "Dancing"
Sabra and Dominic - disco to "No More Tears"
Ashlee and Ricky - argentinean tango to “*Sentimiento Tanguero”
*Sara and Jesus - pop jazz to "Cabaret Hoover"
Jessi and Pasha - waltz to "Come Away with Me"
Faina and Cedric - hip hop to “*Get it Shawty”
*Lauren and Neil - salsa to "Friday Night Rhythm"
Shauna and Jimmy - broadway to "Ease on down the Road"

Voting was last night. Tonight (9 e/8 c) we learn which three couples made it to the bottom three, and which male and female will be leaving.

I absolutely love this show. Am impressed with these 20 and could not decide who to vote for last night.

I love Mia and Shane’s choreography. Was not blown away by much else - except Tyse’s broadway routine, that was good too.

Does anyone else follow the show?

I watch it, enthusiastically! :thumbsup:
It’s nice to see a show that has truly talented people, and it is cool that dance is coming back so strong. I also liked Dancing with the Stars. Loved Apolo Ono.
I agree, it was hard to pick a favorite among such good dancers. I will wait till later to pick a favorite.

I love it too! Brings back a lot of memories of my dance career.

I’m impressed you were able to find last night’s choreography on YouTube so quickly. I was hoping to locate some of Season One and Two to relive as well.

There are several YouTube videos of last season - Ramalama, Sexy Back, and several others. Just type in SYTYCD in the search field, or So You Think You Can Dance, or the name of a favorite dancer (Benji and Donyelle, Ivan and Allison, Travis and Benji). Once you find one clip others are listed to the right.


Thanks! I did find a bunch. :thumbsup: Have you found a video of the hip hop Benji and Travis did in the finals? They went from “geek” to “freak?” There was one fuzzy one from the tour, but I haven’t seen the actual broadcast. I’ll keep searching, though.

What did you think of last night’s elimination? I was upset to see Ricky go. Seems like the judges were too.

Found it by typing “tranji” in the search field. Enjoy!

What did you think of last night’s elimination? I was upset to see Ricky go. Seems like the judges were too.

I thought Dominic should have gone based on the dance-for-your-life. Dominic’s dance was 90% tricks and a little bit of steppin’. Ricky’s routine was at least a routine! It had extensions, leaps, turns, flowed to the music. I disagree with Nigel that Ricky held back in some way.

Apparently, Dominic stayed because the judges see a Benji personality in him, which is odd because last week they were thumpin’ him for being too cocky. So over all it was personality over technique this round. I liked Ricky’s personality - he actually loves and appreciates dance as a form of expression. Oh well. :frowning:

Speaking of Benji, I don’t think I’m the only one who was greatly disappointed with his stunt at the end of his dance. What a sad statement on what success has done. One of the reasons he was as popular as he was is because he was faith-filled and modest. Everyone knows he did not have to incorporate that stunt to wow the crowds, his talent is enough, and yet he did it - proudly. Tsk tsk.

I can’t believe you found that! :bowdown: I’d totally forgotten “Tranji.”

I loved watching that! What would we do without YouTube?

I really think Ricky has what it takes to be a DANCER: technique, passion, expression. Tsk, tsk judges. The “b-boys” look impressive, but it’s all grandstanding and not much lasting talent, I’m afraid.

I didn’t see all of Benji’s dance (fussy baby) so I missed his “exposure.” I agree: upsetting and inappropriate and (I would have thought) out of character. :frowning:

What did you think about Ashlee’s departure? I thought it was going to be Faina. I’m not sure how I feel about her, but she seems a little one dimensional (like so many of the guys).

Ashlee was a good dancer but kind of blended in to the crowd, so it was a good call.

All 20 dancers are skilled, that’s what makes this season exciting for me. The process of elimination will come down to which of them can sustain the personality entertainment demands for success. There is such thing a ‘star quality’, as shows like American Idol and such have proven. It’s a brutal industry, entertainment. You can have all the talent in the world but you also need the right physique and that ‘sparkle’ no one can resist. That’s not something you can acquire or develop through training, it’s a gift from God, if you ask me. That’s how you know you’re meant to be in the business at that level, and one best use the fruits of that labor/gift to honor Him. :wink:

Anyone else a fan? Which dancer do you want to win? Who do you like the most? Who do you like the least? Whose going home tonight?

This season my daughter, her friends, and I (we all went to see the top 20 dancers on tour last season) have walked away from each showing disappointed. Something was missing. These are excellent, talented dancers but so far there are maybe 2 dances I’d pay the $50 tour prize to see done live and the only dancers I’d pay that much to see live are Pasha and Sabra (maybe Neil). Hok won’t be on the tour so I wouldn’t get to meet him or see him do that hummingbird dance.

Last night Nigel hit the problem on the head: the choreographers are customizing each style of dance to the individual dancers performing the routine to make them look good rather than challenging the dancers to learn the real style of dance.

Last night we were saying the krump dance would have been ok if we had been told it was hip-hop, and the argentine tango with the 7 and 8 pirouettes for Danny was just wrong, then we had the latin jazz routine and the rhumba. The rhumba was ‘set-up-and-pose’ with very little rhumba dancing in between, just as Mary called it. The latin jazz routine with Neil and Lacey had the potential to be similar to Heidi & Ryan’s cuban rhumba but fell flat.

The thing we noticed in our comments, however, is that we actually knew what the dances were supposed to look like because the choreographers last year did such a great job educating the public about the various styles and we say them executed almost perfectly by really talented dancers.

I’m looking forward to next week’s routines now that Nigel has identified the problem.

As for who my favs are, here’s how I rank the top 10 (since they’ll be going on tour):

  1. Sabra
  2. Pasha
  3. Sara
  4. Danny
  5. Neil
  6. Lauren
  7. Dominic
  8. Lacey

9. Jaimie - eliminated
10. Kameron - eliminated

I lean toward Sabra only because I want a girl to win finally, and if I since I have to choose from the women available Sabra just seems to have it all, talent and personality, and she’s so tiny!

Lacey is extremely talented but I love how the judges called her on her weak point. She dances solo even with partners. It’s all about her performing for the audience. I hate hot-shot pro sport players who think everything would fall apart without their presence and that’s why I have Lacey at #8 even though she’s technically a talented dancer.

I’ve always been against Lauren, even though she’s very talented and seems to have a amiable disposition, because she’s an ‘insider’. She was one of the choreographer’s assistants for season two. She has in inside track to what the show is like which I feel places her at an advantage to the others. Granted, she earned her way into the show and into the top 10 on her own skills, but all the judges know her personally and professionally.

Then again, the judges knew Travis, Benji, and several of the others from season 2 because they had been in the dance circuit for so many years. But that was competitively and I suppose through seminars where the dancers paid fees to have dance training sessions from Mia, Shayne and co… Lauren was paid by SYTYCD last season, and that, I think makes the difference for me.

Danny’s another one who is just phenomenal technically, and his personality is improving with each show, but he had to work at it whereas Pasha’s seems so natural. That ‘star’ quality is genuine in Pasha, with Danny I worry it’s an act.

Who’s going home tonight??? Dominic and Lauren

Lacey and Neil get a free pass for that emotional contemporary Mia Michael’s routine.

Danny and Sara, Pasha and Sabra just danced really well and had good routines I can’t see how the audience couldn’t have connected with them. Then again, it’s a matter of who picks up the phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I totally agreed with you yesterday and was so surprised last night! I’m really not a fan of Lauren and am just surprised by how long she has lasted on the show. I don’t really want to see her in the final four.

Yeah, bummer. I really liked Sara, but oh well. Lauren will get cut next week then. It’ll probably be Neil, too.

What did you think about Pasha’s solo?!?!?!? :eek: :smiley:

I am so glad he chose the pasa doble because the way the dances have been coming up in the draw and then the way they’ve been choreographed we’d have no opportunity to see what it is he does so well. They always identify him as a latin dancer but he’s been drawing american styles so it was great to see him do the doble so well.

I’m still thinking Sabra is the front-runner, but a LOT of people seem to like Lacey. I do NOT, and I really was not impressed with Mia Micahels’s contemporary this week. Not just the dancing, I really didn’t think the choreography was that special, but when it’s so personal, it’s hard for the judges to critique it.(Although that never stopped our professors in college!)

This past week in general was pretty lackluster. I agree with Nigel and the PP that the choreographers need to step it up and present dances in the actual styles they’re supposed to.

What did everyone think of the dancers performing the same solo last week?

I’m a little disappointed Hok was eliminated right before Top 10. I would have liked to see him on tour…

Had we not seen the footage before explaining the piece it would have been so-so. The entire point of dance is to be able to tell a story through music and movement. We should have been able to figure out the piece was about a girl dancing one last time with her father who has passed away just from the choreography (and a song with lyrics to that effect wouldn’t have hurt). It was not a bad piece, but I don’t think it was her best ever.

What did everyone think of the dancers performing the same solo last week?

That was odd but it did help me separate the better talent from the lucky-to-still-be-here contestants.

I’m a little disappointed Hok was eliminated right before Top 10. I would have liked to see him on tour…

Me too. :frowning: As it stands now I will not be buying tickets this year. I liked Jesus and Hok and Jaime and some of the others who didn’t make it through. Plus I’m still not impressed with any of the routines thye would be taking on tour.

I like Sabre and Lacey…

I liked Hok,too

Danny is very good…

I really enjoy this show…I’ve always been a fan of dance…

I’m actually nervous about tonight’s show. The field is quickly narrowing!

Me too! And this season I’ve been very opinionated about the girls… I think it’s been a stiffer competition for them. I really like Lacey myself, but I want to see Sabra win the competition. She really deserves it because she’s come into her own on this show.

I’m less nervious about the guys. I like all three just fine. Neil seems to be particularly popular with the young ladies. Their screaming everytime he comes out gets a bit annoying.

I feel the same way: more anxious about the girls. I really want Sabra to make it to the end.

I get nervous 'cause I don’t want my favorites to mess up, be heavily critiqued, then voted off! :frowning:

Well, let’s hope the choreographers change their routines this week. I’m curious to see how that plays out tonight. Will we be seeing ‘real’ dance forms? Will these kids be able to meet the ‘real’ expectations? I think it would help the voters to see who has the ‘real’ talent, not just those who look really good dancing routines customized for their strengths.

I like all the dancers for their different dance styles…I think for the girls it’ll be Dabre and Lacy…guys…Danny and Neil

I think I voted for all of them:D

I would really like to see them dance in person…:yup:

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