SYTYCD Season 3

I think it’ll be Sabra and Lacey too, and yeah, I think Pasha will go. His solo was not good last night.

I’m upset about having to wait until Monday for the results show :mad:

If you go to see them on tour allow for another 2-3 hours to hang out after the show for the opportunity to get autographs and talk with them. It really makes it all worth while. My daughter was able to hug everyone except Heidi last year (Heidi wasn’t feeling well and went straight into the bus), she chit-chatted with Donyelle and joked with Travis. There were a lot of people there still but the dancers made sure everyone who made the effort to talk to them had a few moments with them. :thumbsup:

I was upset that the results show wasn’t on last night…had to go to the show message board to find out it would show on Monday.

Don’t forget the results show tonight.

Boy, it’s been a long weekend! :smiley:

Oh yeah!
Geez, then we have the final four on Wednesday with the FINAL on Thursday. Can’t believe it’s so close to being over!

I think we’ll lose Pasha tonight and possibly Lacey, though I really think it’ll be Lauren. The bloggers over at the SYTYCD board said there was a stunning surprise in the elimination to the top 4. That could mean either Neil or Lacey, I think.

I think Pasha is also on the block tonight. He is not a strong soloist, which ultimately is what is needed.

If there is a big surpise…it could even be Sabre…

I’ll look forward to finding out!!!

So how do they know if there’s a “stunning surprise” if they don’t know what the surprise is???

I’d say some already know…the results are already known…they’re going to show the results show tonight and its already been recorded…:shrug:

Well, what do you all think? The elimination “spoiler” I read on another board was accurate! I’m not too sad to see either of them go. I kind of wish Lacey had been cut, though. That girl really bugs me!

I thought the elimination was going to be a ‘surprise’ but it wasn’t …I sort of thought Pasha and Lauren would be the ones to go…by the time they get as far as the top ones …well, they’re all good its sometimes hard to choose. I do like Neil over Danny…but my prediction is it will be Sabre who wins…

I agree!

Ditto ;).

Don’t forget to watch tonight:)

The routines last night were of a better caliber than the entire season to that point. I almost considered seeing these guys on tour. Almost.

For now I’d be happy with any winner except Lacey.

When you saw the two girls there was no question Sabra was the more versatile dancer.

The boys were equal. They went step for step, turn for turn. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

I like Lacey but I really don’t care who wins as they are all good.

I didn’t care for the ‘Fox’ routine…but didn’t hate it…

I guess if I had to pick…I would choose for them to eliminate ‘Krumping’ as a separate dance they could incorporate it into hip hop…

It’ll be fun to see who wins:)

I felt like Sabra got the short stick last night. It was like they were doing all they could to KEEP Sabra from winning! I was so mad!

I liked the Fox routine, but I thought that was another instance of them trying to downplay Sabra. At least Lacey was part of that and didn’t get raves either, though.

Then at the end of the show when Nigel was pushing for a girl to win, I nearly went nuts! After a rather weak show from Sabra, I’m now afraid everyone voted for Lacey because it was like (in the “jidges” eyes) she could do no wrong!

I was only able to vote twice (sick and fussy baby), but it was for Sabra.

I could handle it if Danny won. Even Neil. But not Lacey! Please, not Lacey.

Why not Lacey?
Just curious I guess…I do like them all…very good group this year :yup:

Mostly just because I don’t think she’s as talented as the rest. Well, at least not as a solo performer. Also, her personality just rubs me the wrong way. Right from Day 1. Can’t really put my finger on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like them all too, but Lacey’s solos have not shown growth. By this point last year Benji’s solos had a little hip hop and contemporary mixed in with his swing so it showed he had branched out from where he started.

Lacey does the same stuff each solo - and it always involves flashing her behind all over the place.

Sabra’s solo’s have been modest, powerful, and varied.

Neil is a prime example of shown growth through the competition. His solos developed each time, he really has become the dancer he was meant to be.

Danny was a perfect dancer in the beginning and remains steady. He DID become a very good ‘partner’ after having danced solo up to this point, so he, too grew through the program. This competition did help him come out of his shell and let his heart be shown through his dance instead of just the fantastic technical skills.

So I’m happy with either Sabra, Neil and Danny winning because they showed growth. Lacey came on cocky and remained the same all the way through, even though, technically, she is a VERY skilled partner. Her solos limit her, just as Heidi’s did.

Sabre won!

Oh I do enjoy the show…

I’ll look forward to it again next season!

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