I attend St. James the Apostle Catholic Church in Spring, Texas, in the Arch-Dioses of Galveston/Houston.

We have the prettiest Tabernacle! I’m bragging, I know, but I just love it! It’s up on the dias dead center behind the altar, directly beneath the Crucifix, and it’s a gold box designed to look exactly like the Ark of the Covenant!

It’s a rectangular gold box with a door at the front where the Body of Christ is placed after we celebrate the Eucharist, and on top are the two figures of the angels, just as depicted in pictures I’ve seen of the actual Ark. On the doors are words in Hebrew that (dumb me!) I keep forgetting to get translated.

The Tabernacle has a special four-prong key to keep it safely locked up, so that nobody can disturbe the Host. It’s only unlocked directly before Mass.

So, what about everyone else? What kind of Tabernacle do you have in your Churches? What’s it look like? Where’s it located?

I just dig mine because of how much it means, and what it means!


sounds so pretty!

the chapel on base has a gold one right under the crucifix… nothing flashy, pretty simple. the other church i go to, is actually more modern and the tabernacle is NOT ON THE ALTER. It is off to the side… i don’t like that much =\


What a nice description you wrote about the beautiful tabernacle in the church you
go to.

When we lived on the Salish Kooteni Rez in Montana, and attended Mass in the tiny town
of St. Ignatious, our tabernacle was uniquely beautiful also. It is a 2-3 foot high Tipi.:wink:
To us, a Tipi is a very spiritual “house” to live in, or pray in also.

God Bless.


A Tipi! Now that’s unusual and it sounds lovely. 2-3 feet high? Is it set on a stand? I wish I could see a picture of it. Eventually I have to take photos of the one in our church.

I love to hear about Tabernacles because in my mind’s eye, I envision the Tabernacle as a representation of Christ’s Throne in Heaven. Your Tipi sounds beautiful!


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