This may sound like a strange question, but in one parish I have been to, the Tabernacle is very visable but in another (older) parish I have visited, I don’t see the Tabernacle anywhere! I was under the impression that the Tabernacle would be in plain sight so as to genuflect. Any suggestions? I guess the next time I go I could ask someone, but I don’t want to appear ignorant. Thanks!

When the Tabernacle is in the Sanctuary, it is usually very visible. Some churches, however, have the Tabernacle in a side chapel, sometimes called an “Adoration Chapel”. When that is the case, the Adoration Chapel should be easily seen and accessed. I’ve been to some churches where the Adoration Chapel was behind a glass wall, easily seen but still a separate room, and some where it wasn’t visible but it was readily obvious where to go to reach it.

If the Tabernacle is not present, we just bow deeply to the altar.

Btw, a “deep” bow is where you bend from the waist, (if you can).

Yup… and wander around next time after Mass and look for the Red vigil candle which indicates the presence of the Eucharist.

For what it’s worth, although red is the most common color, there has never been any requirement in that regard, and in some places white is more common.

I think you should make it a point to ask the priest. If he becomes aware of enough people being unable to find the tabernacle, maybe he’ll do something about it.

As others have said, the tabenacle may be in a special chapel. It also could be built into the redros (decorative wall behind the altar) or another piece of ‘furniture’. If you don’t see the tabernacle before Mass, try to notice where the priest goes to get any additional consecrated hosts before communion, or where he takes any remaining consecrated hosts afterwards.

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