TAC and the Canadian Ordinariate

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What exactly is the issue here? I get that Hepworth is upset at the Bishop who is overseeing the erection of the Canadian Ordinariate. Why was it halted? Was it just the Canadian ordinariate or every other ordinariate as well? Why did he write to the bishop in Australia and not the Canadian Bishop? I’m just trying to get the facts straight on this story thanks!


Numerous posts with information from Archbishop Collins of Canada. Most of what is going on is hearsay and rumor. One problem reported is visiting mentor priests sent from local dioceses were not versed on the Ordinarite and made comments and requirements totally opposite of what the Holy Father has said. These priests were not sent by the Archbishop, again local bishops or priest innocently causing some confusion.

As to the nature and completness of +Hepworths comments…I have only seen bits and pieces.

In the States things are moving ahead. Bishop Moyer (TAC) who is leading the TAC parishes into communion just had what he calls a good meeting with Cardinal Wuerl. Anglican priests were asked to submit their dossier by May 16 and the USCCB will spend time in June discussing the implementation of the Ordinariate in the States.

Go to the Anglo-Catholic. alot will be cleared up.

Also, understand…the TAC is not the only group of Anglicans seeking communion. Many groups of Anglicans, and that is to whom the AC and Norms are addressed Groups of Anglicans, such as REC, ACNA, TEC, CAC have priests and parishes seeking union with the Church.


Yeah thanks. I appreciate it. It seems other places picked up the story and have been spinning it.

We must realize that there are many Anglicans who are totally against the Ordinariates. Many inclulding some Anglican priests go far beyond spinning stories. There are falsehoods posted on certain websites and many are done intentionally to hopefully discourage those Anglicans from entering an Ordinariate.

There is some confusion in Canada and from my understanding it is being sorta out.

Also whether +Hepworth has done what some have accused him of or not, the Holy Spirit has used the initial request from TAC and others to create the Ordinariate.

No matter how Satan tries to keep people from the True Church, he won’t succeed. He is very good at using people to stir up trouble and try to divide the Church and those asking entrance into it.

As Mark Brown suggested go to the Anglo Catholic website. It has much information and discussion regarding what is happening in the implementation of the Ordinariates.

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Here’s another good website about the ordinariate in Canada!

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