TAC in Britain: Response to Church of Englands announcement

Hopefully the I attached the PDF properly.

Would not expect an overwhelming response, but nice to see they are there.


I applaud their desire to be loyal to a tradition that is deserting them, however with the ordinariate being established by Rome there is now the opportunity to maintain a beautiful liturgical tradition whilst joining the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Peace and All Good!


I just hope and pray that members of the TAC will have the Discernment, Wisdom & Humility to join the Ordinariate.

They’re certainly in my prayers

They, I would think, say they already do.:rolleyes:

Yep. But the wishes expressed here for their possible future, re: the Ordinariate, are heart-felt.


Indeed. They cannot be faulted for their charity. Your wishes for reunification do not fall on deaf ears brothers.

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