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Now, we all know the Word of Faith movement is directly involved with the Prosperity Gospel that has blackened the mindset of Christianity-- but I would like to know a Catholic perspective on more of the core teachings…here’s a few:

-Most proponents of this cult teach that Christians are like ‘little gods’ that were divinely produced by God. I believe everybody is unique as they are; have a level of undiscovered brillance and that we were created by God through the process of time and science, but that doesn’t make us ‘little gods’

-Another controversial subject is that proponents claim that Jesus died ‘spiritually’ and when he went to Hell, he was tortured their after the Crucifixion. Thus, the cross wasn’t enough, according to most proponents.

-Promising that everybody will be healed.

-Everybody has a power in their words and must be careful of how they use them. Which I think sounds ridiculous because words cannot change the course of time. Sure, we should control our speech and not misuse it, but never treat it as if it has some kind of new age power.

Does anybody agree with me?

For reference:
Word of Faith

By the way, any of the above can be very intricate…there is one aspect, however, that immediately shows their grave deception (assuming that the WP article is rooted on good sources):

Word of Faith teaching holds that God wants his people to be financially prosperous …] Based on the concept that Jesus and his apostles were arguably wealthy, as well as the historical examples of his people having great wealth, and the promises for financial prosperity throughout the Old and New Testaments, Word of Faith proponents teach that modern believers also have access to the “blessing” and may also become financially wealthy.

That is utterly ridiculous. While we should work to eradicate poverty or at least ease its burden on those who suffer from it, we should remember that over 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day in average, and that of 2.2 billion children, 1 billion live in poverty (see other facts here). Are these not God’s people? The truth is that only a very few people have the possibility of becoming “financially wealthy”, and what a great burden it is, for Christ did say that it is very hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom, though for God it is still possible.

Now, since we learn that “we cannot have two masters” and that we can choose “either God or mammon”, then we can sort of start seeing who is behind the error of this community.

I came from that stuff and you describe it and it’s many branches very accurately. It sounds and looks good on the outside but can be very deadly to your faith. It builds up a very false view of God and suffering that is deadly. I was into that in the 80’s. the most current proponents are Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen. Sound like you are quoting Kenneth Copeland about the power of words. He taught that very heavily (along with Gloria Copeland).

We also came from that. Only ours wasn’t listed as “Word of Faith”. Our was “Charismatic”. And it is deadly to your faith. It is only since being in the real presence that I have been healed of the damage done.
Others who should be avoided that are in this movement are: Joshua Mills, Patricia King, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley. There is a blog that the writer exposes a lot of this. It’s called “Slaughter of the Sheep”. Unfortunately there is some anti-catholic posts as well. I ignore them as I know the truth. But there is a lot of exposition of the heretical as well.

I would like to add the KJV only folks. They are just as dangerous as the WOF group. They say that the only true bible and faith is taught from the KJV and that the Catholic faith was evil and that all other bibles versions that are out there are corrupted.
I too at one time thought that Kenneth Copland was right, that was until i started really listening to him and his beliefs. They just did not feel right nor line up with the bible.
I am so glad that i have found out that the Catholic Faith is the right one. I’m looking forward to my first communion.

WOF is the most brilliant masterstroke of TV evangelists ever to come down the pike. You have to give them credit, it is the con job to end all con jobs. By making their health and wealth, prosperity “gospel” part of their theology, in a country like ours that guarentees religious freedom, they are left to thier own devices to swindle as much money as they can from their followers.
Think about it: If I give most of my savings account to the big-haired evangelist on TV who says God will “bless me” (with money, increase in income, a car, a house, ect) and it doesn’t come to pass because “I lacked faith”…who am I gonna sue? God?

I often wonder how they think the KJV came about? Dropped directly from heaven? And do they know the original KJV has the Old Testament Apocrapyha?

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