Tacky wedding colors?


I am sort of pre-planning my wedding. there hasn’t been an actual engagement ring but we both know we are going to get married and we are planning on the date of May 2nd 2009. I have chosen the colors I want for my bridesmaids but I have received mixed reactions. Just so you know my personality is loud, fun, and bubbly. I tend to lean towards bright colors (my Confirmation banner was hot pink :smiley: ). The colors I am wanting are orange and fuschia. Tangelo and fuschia to be precise. I think the colors are beautiful together but I’m curious as to how you all feel about it. Should I think of something more neutral? Should I just choose one? Any advice and/or opinions would be appreciated


I think you should go for whatever appeals to you.

Have you ever watched Platinum Weddings? I’ve seen them take quite a few “tacky”, odd colors and make a really nice scheme with them. :thumbsup:


While I agree that those two colors are beautiful together, perhaps more muted versions of them, along with perhaps black or cream, would make a wonderful palette.


can’t picture it – any chance you could post a photo of the swatches?

But then, what do I know? My bridesmaids wore black and white and carried pink lilies. I took a lot of heat about my bridesmaids in black and white, but then, the girls all wore their dresses over again for years on the rare times they had something formal to attend – from chaperoning proms to business awards dinners to New Years’ Eve parties, to charity functions, etc. The girls got their money’s worth out of those dresses, and the wedding was strikingly beautiful.

If your bridesmaids like it and YOU like it, go for it!


Just to let you know where I’m coming from, I have a reputation for being icy-cold, pure, stolid, sober in my tastes.

That said, I am crazy about orange and fuchsia! It has to be a softish melon-y yellowish-orange and a temperate fuchsia. But you can’t tone these down too far or you lose the flavor.

Ivory is a good color to foil the heat (flowers?). Done well, this can be a very elegant combination. But you can’t let it wander over into the land of kitsch.


thank you for these suggestions. I absolutely love platinum weddings, wedding central, rich bride/poor bride, and all of those! So I see your point. As to the muted colors I have thought about that as well but I just don’t seem to care for the combination as much. Could somebody tell me how to post a photo so I can show the bridesmaid dresses I am considering?


please consult your bridesmaids, they are the ones who are going to have to pay for the dress and wear it

memo to brides; there is no law that says their dresses have to matche exactly, or that their dresses have to match flowers, table linens, and ribbons on the favors. try for a palette of complimentary colors rather than trying to present everything from the corsages to the mints in one or two precisely matching colors.


Like this for those who can’t picture it.



Note to bride: The sooner you get over the idea that this is “your” day, the happier you will be.

In a sense, this IS your day: Your day to make as many people happy as you can. That doesn’t mean letting them walk on you, and at some point you have to stand firm so as not to get yourself pulled to pieces, but generally, Your Day is for other people.


I too was thinking tone it down, like melon and wine, instead of something from the neon side of a crayon box.

I LOVE pink. Always thought my wedding would be pink. But then I saw a black and white wedding spread in a magazine and adored it. So I did black and white. But I wanted red roses, so I had them, and the maid of honor and best man wore dark red rose color too. But my other bridesmaids were in black, and the groomsmen wore black cummerbunds to match. And of course, I was in white and DH’s cummerbund was white.

People were so shocked that my wedding wasn’t pink. But I wore a pink garter and you know, I just thought it looked more grown-up the way I did it than pink would have. I think DH was a lot more comfortable with it too.

You know that scene in Steel Magnolias, where Shelby’s Mom says, “How precious is this wedding gonna get, I ask you? That sanctuary looks like it was hosed down with Pepto Bismol!” That’s what people thought my wedding would be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Shiann! In other news…kinda…I’m thinking about orange silk lillies and pink something for my bouquet and have each girl (3 of them) holding one or the other.


The dress in the middle is what I want for my bridesmaids. but maybe in pink with the orange ribbon


I would wait, really just wait. Don’t talk to anybody yet about your wedding dresses or colors.

You do not have a ring yet, you said you are not officially engaged yet, you probably have not started pre-marital counseling and I would guess that you probably do not have a Church yet.

Remember you could change your mind later on about your wedding colors. You could be shopping a year from now and see something really striking in a different color that you like.

Another thing to consider is your bridesmaids. You mentioned that you are outgoing and wore pink at your confirmation but that is YOU. What are the personalities and likes and dislikes of your future bridesmaids? I know it is up to the bride to choose her colors but I have always felt this should be within reason. I have been in a wedding where the color was okay but the dress itself was such a bad cut and design I looked horrid and felt tight and uncomfortable all day long. I was in another wedding where she told us to go pick what we liked and she would probably be okay with that…what a sweetheart she was! Think of how you want your friends to feel on that day. I would hope you want them to feel comfortable, and feel like they look nice. They are going to be spending a lot of time, effort and money to be there for you…this is your chance to show them also how much you care about them and their feelings.

You must care about them because you came here and posted this question. Pray about this. Instead of looking at magazines and fantasizing…spend some time in quiet reflection and listen for the voice of Christ. Find out how he would like you to celebrate your beautiful day, and how he would want you to go about it.

Hope this helps.


I think these colors could be great and I am imagining beautiful gerbera daisies with them. Of course any flowers of your choosing will make it a special day.


Looking at the picture provided, that is a pretty (and unusual) combination. I think you should consider though that the bridesmaids not only wear the dress that you pick out, but also pay for it. So, maybe you could keep that in mind and work together with them.


I like the colors, but please consult your bridesmaids on this, too. I think these colors are wonderful on some skin tones, but on others, they would be horrid. Personally, I like the colors as far as decorations go. Show us more pictures as you get more organized.


Great thought. Orange & fuchsia for the reception and the flowers. Cream for the dresses?


My bridesmaids are the three that showed me the color combination :smiley: We have actually talked to our priest and we do have a church, he just wants to find the right ring for me :love:

The dress I posted is under 150 U.S. dollars and we have a retailer in my town so no shipping costs or fitting trips. Honestly, I’ve been setting aside a bit of money (besides the wedding money) so that I could buy the dresses for the girls since it’s just my sister, my boyfriend’s sister, and my best friend. Once again, thank you all for your help!


I think the colors in the picture are terrific. I like the fuchsia gown/orange sash reversal.


I vote for the more muted versions of these colors, saving the tangelo and fuschia for accent colors for accessories. Too much bright color could be distracting, and you want to consider your bridesmaids as well. Those colors are not flattering to us fair-skinned, pale types, and nobody wants to spend a chunk of money on a dress which will look awful on them. Good luck and God bless!


Another thing to keep in mind is how the colors will look in your wedding pics. Maybe visit a few photographers and see if there are any wedding pics in their portfolios with these colors to kind of get an idea…and also how will the colors look up against the decor of your church?

And also a good idea to take your girls to actually try on a dress in this color to see how it looks with their skin tone and see if they like it. :thumbsup:

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