Taco Bell Responds To 'Leaked' Gay Commercial

If this commercial did come out, then it really is promoting the gay lifestyle. In our faith this is not a commercial for our children to watch. I like to eat occasionally at Taco Bell, I don’t know if I should support it any longer if it does prepare a commercial such as this.:frowning:


According to the article, Taco Bell did not create the commercial.

Taco Bell may not have produced or approved the video, but their answer seems to say that they are not against it. Free advert? Bonus. Gay-championing? Why not.

That’s not fair. If they didn’t make the commercial, why should they deal with the outcome of publically denouncing it? Why should corporations be required to take a stance on either side of this issue. Taco Bell wants to sell tacos and not offend anyone. They didn’t call the question and they aren’t required to answer to it.

They said that while they didn’t make it, they liked it, and are interested in meeting with whoever did make it.

Seems like it!

I must agree. They even said they were impressed and they’ll try to contact them about it

In growing up and spending much of my life in academia, it’s hard not to see society being guided by a giant pendulum that destroys anything and everything in its path. The pendulum has to do with social change. As I have mentioned several times on these forums, God is allowing social change to take place, even though He condemns deadly sin in general. The bottom line is that we have been living in a world of good and evil ever since the sin of Adam and Eve, and they have been working in conjunction with each other to bring about a greater good – an eventual world far greater than the Paradise of Adam and Eve. I can see the evil, and I condemn it, but I feel it to be wise not to get into the path of that pendulum. It’s a matter of time before the pendulum swings in the other direction, bringing about a greater good.

I must say I disagree somewhat. We cannot not only bring up the issue into the open but we are called to pray and disagree openly and do act of reparation for sin in our nation and world. We cannot sit idle, but move with the Spirit and attempt to halt that pendulum and do it quickly.

Prayer is the best we can do! Fighting evil is noble when it must be done, but our true purpose is to bring more light into the world by way of spreading the Gospels. With the spreading the love of the Gospels, evil will be overcome much more quickly and effectively than fighting evil directly.

I was once an extreme liberal and though that open sexuality what good… until somebody gave me a copy of the bible. The experience was profound! What a change! We need to fight evil by bringing more light in this world!

The advertisement is well made.

I count 13 separate camera segments in a 30 second spot. This requires a lot of set up, lighting and editing. The set-ups alone for each segment would take at least an hour per segment, and I would anticipate at least three hours of post edit per camera segment. That’s at least 50 hours of direct production work – and probably a LOT more.

Pre-production is also costly. The casting is fairly large – at least 15 people (most of them ambient) with five principals and four speaking parts (the two homosexual men, the girl in the office and the man who responds to her question – there is also another casted non-speaking role for a second guy in the office scene). Are the actors SAG or AFTRA? Or are they doing this under the radar?

To make this film, you would also have to have a production group that would include (bare minimum) a Producer, a Director, 1 or 2 Camera Operators, Make-up and Costumes, a Lighting Director, a Sound Editor, and Legal (not to mention corporate infrastructure such as Accounting and Payroll).

This was not made cheaply. The use of the animated Taco Bell logo with its accompanying sound logo could only be done with the written approval of the Taco Bell corporation – unless these items were stolen – in which case, Taco Bell could sue the pants off of the film production company.

If Taco Bell is not involved, one must question who is – and who provided the money that would be required to pull this off. Follow the money and you’ll get to the bottom of this. The fact that this footage was shared – and aired – on the Huffington Post also indicates another level of sophistication. Imagine, if you will, that *you *were able to create a clever filmed spoof on another company and then getting it aired on the Huff-Po. Good luck with that. This is not a viral event. These folks are connected.

Not a Taco Bell commercial

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