Taiwan Birthrate is World's Lowest


Total fertility rate for zero population growth is 2.1. Taiwan is 1.0 now. That’s right, they are on pace to have HALF as many births compared with deaths. Each generation half the size of the one before.

And VERY few developed countries have a positive birth rate. Very few people seem to know this story. Total world population is still growing, but ONLY in the poorest nations. Even in the third world, total fertility is falling rapidly.

There is no question that there was a period of runaway population growth in the last century. But an inflection point has been passed and humanity is soon going to have dire problems with population IMplosion.

Demographic winter. So true and a chilling development. I believe the statistics will show that for most of those countries which reached a TFR below replacement rate, they were not successful in aggressive efforts to bring it up back to TFR of 2.1. Singapore is one such case.

I read in a newspaper article online recently that Canada’s fertility rate had jumped to a 15 year high of 1.66. The comments were all about how this was a bad thing because we were contributing to overpopulation. 1.66 is well below replacement level! Canada also has great incentives for couples to have children- 1 year mat leave and a scaled to income baby bonus that is quite substantial if you are low income. But for some reason we’re not having enough babies.

Secularism and a culture of death are positively related.
And it is more than abortion, as the Church always teaches. It is the will not to procreate in general that is the root of the culture of death. Abortion is not so much a crime against a person as it is a rejection of life itself. It is not so much murder as the Grim Reaper in the flesh. It personifies our secular societies rejection of life.

Secular societies have given us a lot. We all have much to admire in the societies we have helped create. The achilles heel is that once God is rejected as the cornerstone for our being, everything that we build is built on mere sand. There is nothing that will not be washed away.

Life is hard. Even the good life is a struggle. Without God as the reason, few heed the call to renewing life on earth.

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