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I recently started a new blog aimed at providing information about the Catholic Church Worldwide, my home country of Ireland as well as the Catholic Church in the Media.

This is my first ever blog! Check it out at clovercatholic.blogspot.com/

Please let me know what you think of the blog!
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It is interesting. One of my kids wound up graduating from Queen’s Belfast about ten years ago. It seems like yesterday.:eek: I told someone back then to be careful to keep what was good about Irish family life, since it can go away so easilly. He dismissed that idea, but from what I have heard, things in Ireland are becoming more secular and similar to what we have in the States.:frowning: Your blog seems to present the possibility that perhaps all is not lost across the Pond. I hope.

Thanks Katy for your response!
The Catholic Church is still somewhat alive in Ireland although not as much as it used to be. I find this very sad as a lot of our Irish Heritage came from the Catholic Church. Nevertheless Ireland thankfully still has good faithful Catholics and I intend to be one of them! I also intend for the blog to be a good source of information on how the Catholic Church has influenced and still influences Irish Culture.

Saint Patrick, Saint Brigid and Saint Colmcille Pray for Us!

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