Take a minute to introduce yourself before Mass begins

I visited a Church the other day and the music minister asked us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors nearby us. Now sometimes I pray before Mass. What if I had been kneeling and praying? That would have been kind of intrusive because everyone stood up and started talking.

I changed parishes about 5 years ago because of this very thing. I'm not into "glad-handing" at Mass. Thought thats what the parish hall was all about.

"Hello, I'm a pro-life Conservative Republican." :)

Yes, I've actually introduced myself this way when the priest had us turn to greet our neighbor right before Mass.

One guy who had been sitting next to me actually moved to another part of the pew after my introduction.

Oh well ...

I agree, but sadly very few people take advantage of that. We had monthly pancake breakfast at my previous RC parish and we would go all the time. We never really gotten to know anyone, just a few random conversations.

I understand why this is happening and am saddened that it has to come to this.

We should be “taking a minute” to thank God for the Sacrifice of His Son that saved us from death…not getting to know the person sitting next to us! The Mass is about Christ the Head, not each individual cell of His Body! Find a new church with a Priest who is part of the ROMAN CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC (i.e. follows the Magisterial teachings regarding the conduct those in attendance–note not in assistance) CHURCH. I’m so tired of the mockery we have made of Our Lord’s salvation for us. These priests and those bishops who allow such nonsense need to be censured! I realize that the Church will never end, but I had no idea how tiny it could get…

Sadly you are mistaken. We are to love our neighbors as we love God. Parishes are communities, we should take time to know one another and help one another, especially spiritually. I agree this approach is wrong, but to say that we should neglect the people whom we worship God with is also wrong.


This is something I really HATE .

There is supposed to be silence before Mass starts - intended to allow us all to finish our personal preparation .

Chat comes after mass - in the parish hall, outside the church etc

I’m all for getting to know the people I go to church with, but I don’t want to talk when I am preparing for Mass. When I am preparing for Mass, I want to pray- to say I’m sorry for my sins, and to thank God for His gift of the Mass. I want to ask God to sanctify the priest, and call those who should be there but aren’t there. It isn’t the time for hugs and handshakes.

I can’t say I blame them. That’s a strange way to introduce yourself- a good way to make an awkward situation even more awkward.

Are you sure about the “silence before Mass” rule? Is that really in the rubrics? How about a musical prelude, which IS allowed by the rubrics (although not during Lent or Advent? Is that also considered a disturbance to personal preparation?

I introduce myself before every Mass

“Hi God, it’s me, an unworthy sinner, have mercy one me”

But surely there can be time for quiet personal prayer AND introducing yourself to your neighbour? In other words, get to the church with ten minutes to spare for your own devotions, then be willing to join in with the community once Mass is imminent? It doesn’t have to be either/or.

I don’t see the problem. You would stop praying to join in with an entrance hymn, which isn’t Mass, strictly speaking, wouldn’t you?

I agree. There is (or should be) unity enough amongst those in attendance who come to Mass to pray the Mass.

[quote="Maureen_Brilla, post:5, topic:232589"]
The Mass is about Christ the Head, not each individual cell of His Body!


The problem is that we do not see the head, Christ. He is visible only through the body.

The Mass is : gathering, learning (together) offering (what we have)

Christ's sacrifice, meal, mission.

The Tridentine approach to emphasize the propitiation only was not so perfect. It changed.

The long term resolution will be probably to move the rite of peace to the beginning of the mass. Until this is done officially, yo can talk if over with your pastor, ask your bishop what to do, or on your own find a Church were the rubrics mean the order.

Actually, at this particular church I mentioned, just before the music minister asked us to introduce ourselves to one another, she had us practice our singing so there was precious little time for personal prayer before Mass. The ten minutes before Mass was filled with singing practice and introductions making it difficult to concentrate in prayer.

Hello Cat,

Please see the second half of par. 45 in the GIRM. While a period of silence is not forced upon us, it is encouraged by the church.

Even before the celebration itself, it is commendable that silence to be observed in the church, in the sacristy, in the vesting room, and in adjacent areas, so that all may dispose themselves to carry out sacred action in a devout and fitting manner.

I think a quiet prelude is nice (besides in lent and advent), but it’s still good to have at least a couple seconds of silence between the prelude and the cantor announcement/hymn/introit.

Phoenix, I would have remained in my seat and AFTER Mass we would have had a nice conversation because I share your views. Of course if you told me that you were a pro abortion liberal Democrat even though I disagree with that point of view I would hope to show charity and remain seated next to you instead of moving away from you.

The practice for singing before mass was quite regular way before Vatican II, in the forties and fifties too. This is the only time for the community to learn how to sing properly

Also when I was child we learned that the preparation for Mass starts at the moment we wake up. For some busy mothers I suppose this means to get up some fifteen minutes earlier than usual.

imho, this is just so wrong and perpetuates the post V2 emphasis on community rather than the Sacred. Our pastor does not allow it - we have greeters as we walk thru the main doors and the gathering place prior to entering the nave is the time for introductions, handshaking, hugs and good mornings! From the moment we dip our fingers in holy water, make the sign of the cross, and acknowledge His Presence with our genuflection, we should be entering that other transcendent world where we meet the Divine. To be interrupted with this well-meaning gesture diminishes the significance and anticipation of the liturgy.

Sometimes I think Catholics are afraid that if there actually is any silence during Mass that they might hear God’s voice.

I totally agree :thumbsup:

I pray, rosary, etc… before mass and I can’t stand all of the chatter before mass. It has often put me in a foul mood and I should be at peace not aggrivated with my neighbor.:frowning:

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