Take this Quiz..... You might be surprised

Take this Christian denomination selector to see (by your beliefs) what you would be if you weren’t a Catholic.


Please list your top 3 results and any comments.

That “quiz” seems to be so protestant in its whole conception-A way to “pick your own church” per your own personal selection of doctrines apriori and even the questions are written from a wholly protestant, denominational mind-set. It really makes little sense to a Catholic. I tried to do it and couldn’t go past question 5.

The whole concept seems so twisted. It assumes that we would have decided truths for ourselves ad then pick the church that taught these truths. If I weren’t Catholic, I might not have any of these doctrines to begin with. :shrug:

What do you know, mine says I should be Roman Catholic :thumbsup:

I got:

Default order is alphabetical, Mike Hopkins determined the order.
URL: selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=christiandenom
Link: Christian Denomination Selector

  1. Eastern Orthodox Church ([FONT=helvetica,Arial][size=2]100%) [/size][/FONT]
  2. Roman Catholic Church ([FONT=helvetica,Arial][size=2]100%) [/size][/FONT]

Now if they had called it just “Catholic Church” (like God intended :D) it would have shown up alphabetically ahead of “Eastern Orthodox Church”

Roman catholic 100%
Orthodox 87%
Lutheran Missouri Synod 87%.


My results show 100% for Eastern Orthodxy, Lutheran - Missouri Synod and then, of course, Roman Catholicism.

God bless

Here I stand…

                    Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (100%)   	

		Evangelical Lutheran Church (92%)   	

		Eastern Orthodox Church (83%)

My top ten results.
Roman Catholic Church (100%)

		Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (94%)    	

		Eastern Orthodox Church (87%)    	

		Evangelical Lutheran Church (87%)    	

		International Church of Christ (80%)    	

		Church of Christ (74%)    	

		Episcopal/Anglican Church (74%)    	

		Methodist/Wesleyan Church (74%)    	

		Mormonism (74%)    	

		United Pentecostal Church (74%)

Woo Hoo!!

I’m 100% catholic!!

Roman Catholic - 100%
Unitarian Universalism - 0% haha.
but… Mormonism - 72% What? Seems a little high…

I apologize if this was too protestant for you. I just thought it would be an interesting way for people to see what their ‘denomination’ would be. Again, I apologize if this offended you. :blush:

roman catholic…100% :wink:

evangelical lutheran…87%

eastern orthodox…85%

Eastern Orthodox Church (100%)
Roman Catholic Church (95%)
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (87%)
Evangelical Lutheran Church (80%)
Episcopal/Anglican Church (70%)

This is silly. I came up Eastern Orthodox 100% and Roman Catholic 100%. Who thinks up this stuff?


100% Eastern Orthadox,
89% Roman Catholic,
89% Evangelical Lutheran Church,
89% Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

I agree. How could I possibly be 100% Roman Catholic, 100% Eastern Orthodox and 100% LCMS all at the same time?

Eastern Orthodox Church (100%)
Evangelical Lutheran Church (91%)
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (82%)
Roman Catholic Church (82%)

I posted four since the last two are a tie. Some of the questions are worded awkwardly if you are a Catholic answering. For example, one asks if it is acceptable to have a woman as a pastor or minister. Of course, a Catholic would say “no” to pastor but might say “yes” to minister.

I answered all the questions “straight down the party line” using the Catechism. I think who ever wrote the poll is confused regarding practices and teaching. I chose “agree”, for example, to the questions “can infants receive Communion”. Of course, Catholics believe they can, but Latin Catholics do not usually give Communion until a little older as a current practice. This is why I think it scored me closer to EOC.

Who knows why ELC scored higher than Catholic. :shrug:

100% Roman Catholic
95% Eastern Orthodox
88% Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
83% Evangelical Lutheran Church
68% Episcopal/Anglican Church/Mormon

Big drop off from 4th to 5th.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (100%)
Evangelical Lutheran Church (95%)
Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church (83%)

Who studies theology for this website? How do you answer that Christ is physically present in communion and baptism regenerates and get 83% Presbyterian and only 76% Roman Catholic, when the Presbyterians deny both of those teachings??


Pick “no preference” on every question and you will be listed as 100% on every religion.


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