Take up your cross & follow him


How do we do this? We get baptized. We get communion. We get confirmed. We have reconciliation and annointing of the sick. These are sacraments. Some of us have had the sacrament of matrimony and/or Holy orders. And some of us have given our life to Christ as Protestants or as Catholics (had a Holy Spirit encounter) only to convert to Catholicism and/or revert back to Catholicism after leaving the church.

But in our day to day life as Catholics, how do we get the Holy Spirit to in-dwell in us so that we take up our cross and follow Jesus? For some, we also heard the tenant of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sin? When you believe that he died for your sins and are humble enough to say that you are a sinner, you’re a new creation. How do you make sure to show true appreciation for this by loving God and loving neighbor, every moment of every day that we Love God, Love Neighbor, and forgive one another? How do we live our life in perfect charity as Jesus would have wanted? How do we bring others to heaven (especially a Protestant spouse) instead of just our own soul? Thanks for helping despite me sometimes stirring up trouble or being argumentative or having trouble staying on topic, etc. Thanks for helping me live in the faith.

Thanks so much. And lets ask for Mary’s intercession as today is the feast day of the Assumption of Mary.

God Bless you all. Thanks so much!


Loving God with our whole hearts, minds, souls and loving our neighbor. ANY cross we have we accept it, take it nd as bad as it is we deal with it and manage it by the grace of God and with His support.


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