Take up your crossword daily


I love crosswords and do them daily, especially cryptic ones. Once you get accustomed to cryptic clues, they become more interesting than normal crosswords.
And I also do daily sudoku. (the 1 to 9 puzzle) Of course old veterans like me prefer a high degree of difficulty.
It just gets the brain cells moving and that is important for us oldies. Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise.


Those are supposed to be good for your brain.


I do not do them daily, but I do enjoy both sudoku and cryptic crosswords – The latter so much so that I can no longer do straight crosswords! If there are no anagrams, double entendres, nor other wordplay the clues are too hard! :joy:


Ive never done gay crosswords :slight_smile:


I only do the NY Times Sunday crossword. It helps to be Catholic when answering clues such as ‘Pope after Julius II’.:slightly_smiling_face:


You know you are a hard core crossword fanatic if you do them in ink.


That sounds like a thread title - It helps to be Catholic when…


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