Taking care of Earth??

I have a friend who gets upset at anyone who goes out of the way to protect the environment. I’m not talking about green peace radicals or anything like that.

He gets upset at the simple stuff, like efforts to clean up beaches, save rain forests, or simply be conscious of keeping the air clean.

I believe his rationale is that the world is going to end, and the more you try to keep it clean and stop it from “dying” then you are trying to delay the return of the Messiah. He seems to believe the more we thrash this earth, the more we are speeding up the return of the Messiah, since the Messiah will have to return before the end of the world.

What Scripture reverse refute his position, if any?

this is more an example of bad thinking rather than bad theology. :slight_smile: i don’t know of any scripture that instructs us to take care of the earth, except perhaps in genesis where adam was put in charge of the garden. but your friend would see that as the beginning, rather than now, at the end.

you might direct your friend (i hesitate to say this) to read ‘carpe diem’ by tony campolo. he addresses the subject…adequately.

That’s just insane! If we follow his reasoning, then any injurious action to God’s Creation would be a good thing, including injury to the crown of His Creation, Mankind. Would Stalin get a medal for killing all those kulaks?

No, Jesus Christ will come when He wills. It is up to us to obey Him in everything, including taking care of the world He created. If Christ returned, what would He say to the “servant” who wanted to lay waste to the earth, His Creation?

Pax Vobiscum,

The Augustinian

According to your friends loose logic, we should all start praying for the birth of THE Anti Chirst…lets see… we could start with ritual blood sacrifice to the devil of innocent humans…wait…we already have THAT…so does your friend wish for Abortion to continue then? After all…that’s always good for severe chastisments… lets have all the pedo and gay priests resume their parish duties as well… :rolleyes:

I really wonder what he thinks the word “dominion” means. He might try reading a chapter or two of Genesis… with a dictionary in hand.

Then again, you might quit trying to have a battle of wits with an unarmed fool… :thumbsup:

well!!! what can i say? Just this, in taking care of the earth we take care of ourselves, if we neglect the earth or wilfully damage it we damage ourselves, this earth was made by God to sustain human life, (I guess that’s why he made man last, so we had everything already created for our arrival) ALL life is precious because God made it, some life is for food, some life is for beauty, some life is for sustaining our environment so that we may LIVE at God’s will…hope your friend thinks about his ‘ideas’ and re-examines them xxx God Bless you

What about: Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. **And God saw that it was good. ** Genesis 1:11-12 Well, read all of Chapter 1.

I sort of understand your friend’s mindset, my mom, though not thinking that we should destroy the earth to bring the Second Coming closer, (We do not know the time nor the place…) but she laughs at me when I do anything that takes a little more effort, like saving a moth from death by newspaper, and putting it outside.

Everything God created is good. We were made the stewards of the Earth. As well, there is a difference between the natural disasters that plague our earth, and the man-made disasters, ie pollution, the effects of nuclear waste, etc… You think it’s bad trashing your parent’s stuff, what does God think about His children trashing His stuff???

God bless.

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