Taking Communion as an Anglican


I am an Episcopalian/Anglican living in China for a few years. There are no Anglican churches in my city with English services, so my family and I attend a Catholic church. The Catholic church here does not communicate with the Vatican (as I understand it). The priest here has said that my family can take communion because we were baptized and have taken communion in an Anglican church. I am a little weary about taking communion, because I know that normally non-Catholics are not allowed to take communion in a Catholic church. Is it ok to take it?


This is most likely a church of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. If it is, don’t take communion in it. In fact, don’t go anywhere near it.

They may have valid sacraments, but again, DO NOT go anywhere near it.


I’m not completely sure we can weigh in on this.
In this case, we are talking about firstly, a non Catholic and secondly, a church that is not in communion with Rome. It seems as though it would be like us telling a Methodist that they cannot receive in a Baptist church.
1 Cor 5 comes to my mind. Haydock on verse 12:

Ver. 12. To judge them that are without. Those who are said by the apostle to be without, are those who have never been converted to the faith, and therefore are not within the jurisdiction of the Church.

That is just my thought.


I think this question is best asked to your bishop back home, as he is your shepherd, if that option is available. As the earlier poster bben said, I would not personally profess to be in communion with another faith community that I, in truth, do not.

On an aside, I also think that your question shows a great reverence to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist which is awesome! :tiphat:

God Bless.


You may or may not be familiar with the Catholic Church’s trials in China. The Communists tried for years to destroy the Church but it survived underground. Seeing this, Beijing created the “Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association,” a government controlled version of the Church to confuse the people. The Catholic Church, of course, does not recognize the Communist church, and the real Catholic Church continues underground. Some of the CCPA bishops and priests are validly ordained but their cooperation with the Communists is obviously illicit. Some of the government approved clergy have asked for forgiveness and reconciliation from the Vatican.

Pope Benedict tried to be conciliatory. See his 2007 letter to Chinese Catholics.

No Catholic nor any other Christian should support the Communist controlled CCPA. You may attend one of their liturgies only if no other is available. You should not receive their communion.


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