Taking Communion at Home alone

Can a layperson take The Holy Communion at Home alone? Or do you have to go to Mass in order to get the Communion?

St.Basil of Caesarea d.379 ad. wrote, “All the solitaries in the desert, where there is no priest, take commumion themselves, keeping the commumion at home. And in Eygpt, each one of the laity keeps the commumion at his own house and participates in it when he likes.”

So does that means it ok to participate of the Holy Communion at Home when there’s no priest according to what Basil wrote?

i believe, technically speaking, you would need permission from the pope, or at the very least your local bishop before living a hermetical life.

Yes, your Bishop can authorize you to keep the Blessed Sacrament in a tabernacle in your home if he feels that you are so remote that no priest or Extraordinary minister is able to reach you at least once every two or three months.

Sounds like a rare circumstance!

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