Taking Communion then going to Confession for venial sins

My parish offers confession AFTER every mass most of the time, which means I get up go to Mass then go to confession.

I started to feel awkward about this recently. Is it common to receive the Eucharist, then go to Confession to confess venial sins?

Our regular confession time is after the Saturday AM Mass. So in that case I do go to Mass then confession

Our priest is available right before the Sunday Masses. That is really suppose to be for those who NEED it. Of course we don’t judge someone for being in that line.

I think it is still a good thing. I know that there are other ways to be absolved from venial sins. For me it helps that I have to stop and think about my sins. It makes me more aware of how much I need God

The Eucharist absolves venial sins, but it’s good practice to confess them anyway. I think it’s great you do that. :thumbsup:

Frequent confession / confession of venial sins is a good thing. It helps strengthen our resolve and reinforces the idea we did something wrong and we offended God. Just be courteous to others in line and keep the Confession brief.

No need to be awkward. Though the venial sins are forgiven by receiving the Eucharist, it is always good to confess venial sins and imperfections. The grace in the confession helps us get closer to God and work toward holiness.

It is also good to regularly attend Confession in order to predispose yourself to plenary indulgences that you might gain.

I tend to agree with you that it is a little awkward for the reason you posit. But we may receive the Eucharist as long as we are not aware of any mortal sin. Also, the penitential rite at the beginning of mass remits venial sin as (i.e. when we say, “I confess to almighty God….” or alternate versions) as does worthy receipt of the Eucharist.

By the way, that leads me to a related thought too - I’ve found it awkward in the past at masses in which they shuffle the children out of the church prior to the penitential rite only to have them return later, some of whom are old enough to take Communion.

Thanks everyone…I saw the first two responses as I headed out to Mass, which made me feel much better about going to Confession afterwards.

Yes, one of the things I confessed is being too concerned with what others think of me!

I do know that if you receive the Eucharist in an acceptable state then it takes away any venial sins, but I find that going to Confession helps me in being able to make strides in not committing those sins anymore. Prior to Mass, I think of my sins, but I don’t list them out and I don’t say them out loud. Doing that in Confession always helps me out. I could stay in the pews during Communion, but I don’t want to! I want to receive the Eucharist!

Also, I can use all the extra graces I can get–so Confession is always a good thing.

Thanks for your responses–very helpful! And pardon if any of the language above regarding Mass and Confession is incorrect–as a new Catholic I haven’t quite picked up all the vernacular yet.

And to the last person who responded–my parish doesn’t send the children out at any time during the Mass, but I have seen that a couple times in the past two years at other parishes and you’re right, it does seem that they should be there for the…“I confess…”…(can’t remember the title of that part of the Mass).

No worries here–I personally take all of maybe 45 seconds to list my sins out. Just add on what the priest says and the Act of Contrition, and I’m usually done in under 2 minutes.

The Penitential Rite. :wink:

That particular prayer is commonly known as the Confiteor.

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