Taking Communion


Can a catholic take comminion if he hasn’t been to confession in over a year?


No, because we are obligated to go to confession at least once a year…though it’s best to go between once a week to once a month, even without mortal sin, because going to confession this way increases sanctifying grace in the soul and obtains for you the special graces of the sacrament of penance.


Actually, we are obligated by Church law to receive Holy Communion at least once a year during the Easter season.

To receive holy communion worthily, one must be in a state of grace. Consequently, it would be practical to have confession precede the annual obligatory communion during Easter time. However, strictly speaking, if one had committed no mortal sins, one would not be obligated to go to confession.


Right. Church law only requires that we confess our grave sins at least once a year.

Can. 989 All the faithful who have reached the age of discretion are bound faithfully to confess their grave sins at least once a year.

Of course nobody is suggesting that is the ideal. :slight_smile:


We call it receiving Communion, not taking Communion. The Eucharist is a gift from God that we are receiving.


Does he have any serious sins that he has not yet confessed? I am thinking that Our Lady could have gone for more than a year without going to Confession, yet could have received the Eucharist every day, if she had so chosen.

I can’t imagine myself in that situation, though - so it depends on the state of the person’s soul.


Bad choice in my wording…yes receiving is what I should have said.


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