Taking control of my thoughts?

Good evening fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

This issue has been bugging me since 6 months ago - but I literally believe anything negative that comes to my mind. Anything and this is really bothersome.

Though I only tend to consider it if I fear the thought. For instance, if I fear the possibility of the world ending, let’s say I was reading a book and a thought came to mind that if I close the book the world would end. Instantly. Right on the spot. ‘‘You better do it, otherwise what if the world ends? You don’t want to be the cause for everyone’s deaths now, do you?’’ rings out my mind. For an ordinary person, the thought is ridiculous and someone would be able to shrug it off immediately similar as to how anyone can shrug off the thought of ‘‘I’m an apple’’

Then again the above was just an example. But it’s really ruining my faith life and my relationships with others, I always feel the need to be ‘‘absolutely certain’’ about everything I do. Surprising enough, the moment these thoughts started were when I dedicated my life to follow Christ 6 months ago too.

Do you think it could be the result of a spiritual attack? And how do I take control of my thoughts and attempt to convince myself with the more rational approach instead of believing every irrational thought that seeps in?

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Yes it is possibly a spiritual attack.

This book will solve all your problems with this, it is the best book you will ever read in your life! :slight_smile:
About the battle of your thoughts between God, Satan, and your own faith/ lack of faith. How to think the Holy Spirits thoughts and renounce negative thoughts that do not come from God. How to reclaim control of Holy thoughts only.

It’s the best book i have ever read. And it will change your life!

Best catholic charismatic book you will ever read:

“The Miracle Ship” by Brian O’ Hare.
Amazon.com (available as paperback or ebook download to the free Kindle app).

About a guy healed of incurable bone disease that Jesus called to become a lay evangelist in the Catholic charismatic renewal,
(He was also guided into ministry by Fr Rookie and Sr Briege McKenna, who are famous catholic Charismatics

The book I mentioned advises:

Wear Blessed things,

Eg carry a rosary in your pocket,
Wear a brown scapular with a miraculous medal/ St Benedict medal/ Holy Face medal attached.
Bless yourself with Holy water daily.
Bless your room with Holy water daily.

Think positive thoughts.
If you get a negative thought, brush it aside and think, “In the Name of Jesus I renounce that silly thought, and reaffirm that…” (speak the truth) eg “I reaffirm in Jesus Name that that negative thing will not happen, that I am in peace in Jesus.”

Pray a prayer of deliverance each evening also.
Such as the deliverance prayers suggested on the two free ebooks on this website


It’s all about faith.
You need to have faith in the positive.

Stop putting your faith in the negative. Jesus spoke about this in the Bible,

Your lack of belief is causing you doubting thoughts in your mind.

Its an act of the will, eg "I believe everything is 100% okay in the hands of Jesus, in His victory. thank God for sharing your victory with me " (and don’t worry). Just repeat such a prayer in your mind and believe in faith.

Jesus said, “To him who believes anything is possible.”

Faith moves mountains.

I do not want to be the cause of any worries, but have you ever been tested for having OCD? This seems like an obsessive thought.

Sounds like me. And I have schizophrenia…have been thru a long battle of my thoughts warring against each other good and bad. Thoughts fighting each other. Good voices talking to bad voices. Bad voices talking to my good thoughts or voices. I have had the same exact things happen to me about the end of this world…and is no fun Brother/sister. Hope you get better and pray for me as I will pray for you and all of us who battle this kind of thought life daily…I guess we’re not alone…

Dear friend,

You may have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or maybe scrupulosity (sees sin where there is no sin).
I would bring these troubles to a trusted priest, with an appointment outside of confession, or if he has a free moment to ask him for some quick advice.
I had the same thoughts in the past. When I was younger, I would think “If I don’t kneel right now and cross myself, I’m sinning”. This is Satan’s way of using religion to make us despair on our salvation.

Also, do your absolute best to ignore these thoughts. If you feel that you’re sinning by ignoring these thoughts, you still committed NO sin. It’s like tuning a violin to the correct note.

Finally, pray for mental peace (as there is a mental, spiritual, and physical aspect to this), avoid idleness (very helpful, since you won’t have time for these painful thoughts), and completely obey your confessor.

I know I wrote a lot for this, but it’s an important thing to be concerned about. It’s good that you recognized that it’s like asking “am I an apple?”, as you do know it’s not rational.

All the best!

I went through something similar (sometimes still do) and it seems to be some kind of mind game with intrusive thoughts. For me it also started happening when I started to take my faith more seriously. Some people get a sort of a trial involving really annoying intrusive thoughts. The BEST thing is just to laugh at the thoughts, see them for how silly they are, reject them and move on. If it causes anxiety to do this, you can try rejecting the thoughts in the name of Our Lord and so rejecting any fake “consequences” of them that are being put into your mind. Another thing that could help is remembering that our thoughts really can’t change external reality just by themselves, we don’t have the power to make the world end, to make it rain, or anything like that, by thinking it or intending it. God bless you

I haven’t had an actual diagnosis by a doctor yet but I suspect I do :frowning:

Thank you for your suggestions Mary :slight_smile: I do most of the above (Wearing rosary, scapular etc) though for the thoughts part I’ll still need to work on it. Prayer would help definitely :smiley:

That’s terrible to hear :frowning: hope you will get better too and will definitely keep you in my prayers :slight_smile:

Glad to know someone is able to empathize with me on this one :smiley:

Yeah, on most occasions I find it really hard to laugh the thought off; it usually comes back stronger afterward, Rebuking it in the name of the Lord definitely does help a lot, so too does reminding myself that I cannot change reality.

Though I sometimes feel as if I’m being controlled by my mind. Once I even asked God, ‘‘Oh Lord please take away my free way of thinking and just fill it with your thoughts so that I can get rid of all these thoughts’’ it sounds to me like a passive approach to these thoughts :confused:

My logic at the moment is like: If it’s not present in my mind; it’s not real. If it is present in my mind; it must be real.

I know it sounds trite, but i just knit. With this illness I am too weary to fight , so I simply knit. The tension eases out through my fingers and there is something to show at the end of it…

Made a huge blanket of oddments of wool the last three days… something bugging me mightily just now. Wish I could sell it though!

Just any rhythmic activity soothes the body and mind. A Nun I knew and miss mightily found the same; that the work that focuses eyes and hands is total recollection Works for me. For her it was sewing. Head bent, hands busy, eyes focussed…

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is diagnosed when a person finds it difficult to control worry on more days than not for at least six months and has three or more symptoms.

Symptoms of GAD include the following:

*]restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge
*]being easily fatigued
*]difficulty concentrating or mind going blank
*]muscle tension
*]sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep, or restless, unsatisfying sleep)
(Source: DSM-5)

Very very wary indeed of self diagnosis especially on an internet forum. Especially anyithing emotional or psychological or seen to be so. That list could reflect the response to so many serious physical ailments, inlcuding the one I suffer from

This may be OCD, plain and simple. It can drive you away from Jesus, but you must not let it. Please find someone to talk to who understands. I suffered from OCD for a few years. For me it was tied to stress in school. I also used to get really worried about being called to the religious life and as a result I pushed God away a bit (still went to mass and confession and all, just avoided prayer groups and extra religious events and stuff). But a far better approach is to find help. Really the best advice you will get on this forum is to get help. We aren’t kidding around when we say it.

I used to think this too when I was younger.

And the advice is perfect. Listen to your rational voice and don’t think too deeply about thoughts that you know are not rational.

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