Taking icons and statues

Lets say that you went inside an abandoned church , would it be okay to take some icons and statues for private veneration? Even if the church has been abandoned for years.

Those are so beautiful! I can understand why you would want to take the statues and properly venerate and care for them.

However, before doing so I would ask the Bishop of the diocese if that would be alright. Without getting proper authorization it seems too much like “looting”.

I agree with what JuanCarlos said… ask permission from your diocese first.

How sad, to see a once beautiful church building, in ruins. :frowning: I’m just curious… if you don’t mind telling us… where is this church located?

Per the caption on the photo -

Located on a mountain near the village Sochos, Thessaloniki, Greece

The third link refers to a church in the northern part of Italy

I would so take them…

J/k. First I would ask a Priest and/or get in contact with the Bishop and inquire about them.

This however is even sadder.

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