Taking My Leave


After a few years of posting here, I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interests for me to post here anymore - I don’t think anything is gained and Christian unity is done a disservice.

Blessings and peace to all.



Please explain. Have we offended?:frowning:


Il’l be sorry not to read your posts. Won’t you reconsider ? :confused:

Either way, see you in Bnet :slight_smile: (About which I often feel much the same way :))

CU, Fishy :stuck_out_tongue: ##


If you do leave, please go with our good wishes and prayers.


I think you misunderstand the nature of the site. It is not primarily ecumenical. It is a place where Catholics, who are often the ones being attacked, learn to defend their faith. Of course this doesn’t often come from Methodists. I always discern between your run of the mill Protestant and an anti-Catholic fundamentalist. I deal with them differently. Personally I have had friends in the Protestant ministry and we have gotten along fine for the most part.

I was a member of the Protestant clergy myself. We have to face the fact that there are differences. When I was a Protestant I believed I had it right and that the Catholics were wrong on many things. Now I know different. However, anyone who belongs to a Church should believe that it is the most true. You should feel that Methodism in some way is the most truthful form of Christianity. Otherwise you should be looking for where you can find the most truth.

I remember a Methodist pastor in my first parish. She was coming up at funerals to receive Communion. I didn’t know who she was. Parishioners complained saying that since not all Catholics can receive then why could she? So, I had to call her. She was deeply offended and said she did not agree with Catholic teaching. That was the point. She didn’t agree with our faith and essentially was saying it wasn’t important. But it IS important, very much so to us. She wanted to portray us as the bad guys, but it was she who was violating our rules and demanding we change our faith to suit her. Yet she believed she was very ecumenical. Another example was a local Congregational church that at an ecumenical service took up a collection where part of the money was to go to a family planning service that provided abortions. I was horrified and refused further involvement. Again I was the “bad guy”. But they seemed to have no sense that what they were asking was simply impossible. They saw what they were doing as fostering unity and couldn’t understand what my problem was. I mean “abortion is okay isn’t it, you Catholics are imposing your morals”. This doesn’t foster ecumenism. The pain you feel is a two way street.

The fact is that even with Protestant denominations that do not adhere to anti-Catholicism we still have many profound differences. Addressing them is not easy. False irenicisim is not the answer. We cannot pretend that doctrinal unity is unimportant or that we already agree when in fact we don’t. Eventually we have to get down to the nitty gritty work of dealing with doctrinal differences. Feelings are going to get hurt. That is the price for eventual true and real unity.


Sorry to see you go.


Anglicanus Catholicus


Blessings on your journey.


What do you hope to gain in a Catholic Forum? The Catholics here defend the Catholic Church and when its doctrines and dogma is put into question, we defend her.

As for the issue of Christian unity, the only way that can be done is when all separated brothers and sisters in Christ (Protestants) return to the True Church of Christ, which is the Catholic Church, the Church, Jesus founded almost 2,000 yrs ago.


It was nice meeting you O.S. Luke. We’ll miss you around here but I understand you choice.


Personally I wish you’d reconsider. I’ve always found your posts to be worth reading and I’d be sorry to see you leave.



I understand and will miss you. I feel the same way most of the time. I might not hang around forever either. The jury is still out. Peace and love



Oliver’s post are more worthy to be read than insulting to Catholicism. They are written in charity unlike some other Protestants who insist in the errors in the Catholic Church.


I’ll second that!

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