Taking "Selfies"?

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I have been wondering for a while if taking “selfies” or pictures of oneself is immodest or impure. Obviously, if someone takes a picture of themself for the fun of it, then it isn’t bad. I’m referring to the people who take tons at a time, or everytime they think they look goosd, they go to take a picture. From personal experience, I can say it usually spurs from insecuirty. Thank you for your time!

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I do not understand. Self-portraits are not new. Cameras even have automatic settings so the shooter can be in his own picture. There is nothing wrong with taking one’s own picture.

I’m guessing that the OP means “excessive” selfshots, like I know this girl on facebook that posts 10 self-shots seemingly every single day. It just screams out for attention. I pray for her.

I wouldn’t say that’s it is immodest or impure unless you are taking inappropriate photos. :wink:

There are two issues here:

  1. taking the selfshot;

  2. posting it on FB.

There is nothing wrong with the first per se; the second may be an occasion of vanity.


There is no issue unless it becomes a device of one’s vanity.

I absolutely agree with this. Photography is my hobby so I am taking pictures of things I find interesting all the time. However, I rarely publish on social media , it is mostly to my future remembrances. And this is a bit of a problem, as my friends are always wondering when I am going to upload ‘their’ photos, which is perhaps never…

But I think we should blame it in the ‘Like’ button… Everyone wants to be liked.

taking photos is no sin, unless, they are ammoral, or they (or you) become your “god”.
otherwise that, i dont think there is problem, not even for wanting some likes, after all if it were sinful we should not go to graduations or stuff were we are given awards and such.

It seems to me like it could quickly lead to vanity which leads to pride. Pride is one of the big 7 because you in it you take your focus off of God and make it all about you. It becomes a kind of self-idolatry. Interestingly pride was often depicted in art as a nude woman admiring herself in a mirror…

I sort of disagree.
Pride, having pride is good. Being proud of oneself, having strong self confidence, being proud of one’s achievements and being, is good.

It’s when pride becomes excessive, where one thinks he is above others. That is i pretentiousness.

Mainly girls use selfies because they are insecure. They want to appear beautiful and take countless pictures because they feel they look ugly in one pic and need to take another.
That isn’t vanity, nor pride, that is insecurity.

I still think to a large extent, excessive vanity and pride result from insecurity, filling a hole, nursing a wound, if you will.

Other times vanity is just innate, Oedipus Rex, for example.

I agree with those who said that while there’s nothing wring with taking self-shots, posting them to facebook may lead to or be a sign of vanity. More likely it’s insecurity… Or just because. I do know girls who will take someone’s phone and take hundreds of self-shots before putting it back like nothing happened (sort of a prank, I guess).

That said, I think we all have bigger problems than teenagers taking selfies.

I need to take some “Selfies” because I am on a dating site and all my pictures are old and I look like a big old grouch in all of them. But I dread having to. I feel insecure about taking pictures so I don’t like to take them very often. I cannot understand someone being insecure so they take MORE pictures. Unless maybe they know they are good looking and just need constant confirmation that others agree with them! I don’t know?

That is not to say I do not have vanity. I like pictures that I think I look good in and I look in the mirror at my muscles after a good workout because I like how they look even bigger than they really are because of all the extra blood flow. Yeah… its vanity :o

The sin would be called vanity.

I think the greater sin though is the amount of people that waste time on Facebook. Some even take pictures of plates of food and paste them there.

I have been facebook free for about 3 months and I’m loving it.

No of course not…it only becomes immodest if you are dressed in an immodest or provacative way or are posing in an immodest or provocative way…if its just a regular photo of you then you are ok

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