Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain?

Does impulsively laughing at a person taking the Lord’s name in vain count as taking the Lord’s name in vain yourself? Does the recognition of this and not consenting to it (albeit still laughing, but trying to stop) make it less of a sin because there is not “full consent?”

No. This is starting to sound scrupulous.

It’s not a sin. You’re not the one cursing nor are you actively promoting their cursing.

Please speak with your Priest about this issue.

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no, though I think it would also depend on what they are saying, some expressions are far worst than others

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Thank you for the replies! I am going to bring this up to a priest tomorrow, I just wanted someone’s input in the meantime.

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Since you are getting support for a “it’s no big deal” judgment, I think it is important to hear that it is not nothing - it is something to become aware of when God is taken lightly in oneself. We are called not to mediocrity, not to a live-and-let-live lukewarmness, not to compromise and tolerance with the godless secular world. No, we are called to holiness, and to the perfection - yes the perfection - of charity.

We are given a new life in Baptism, and then, Lord willing, some time thereafter to come into the fullness and the maturity of the sanctifying grace given in the holy sacrament. Meanwhile, there are many voices and examples urging us to discount the holy potencies given to us - to make compromise with the godless world and thus take the “religious stuff” not so seriously - and certainly not literally! “Heaven forbid”! No, just the opposite - may heaven forbid us, in our precious conscience, to marginalize God and His call to us. May we never seek to better fit in with the godless secular world, but rather, to be a counter-witness for Him.

The Church is sent to be a witness - light in this darkness. Maybe a first step, for some, is to understand that God IS real - indeed, He IS reality itself. Only God is real! All apart from God is fleeting, perishing, temporary, dying. God - His Name - His Truth must be taken seriously, honored, indeed served.


Good response. It’s not nothing, but but it’s not something that worth thinking about a lot.

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