Taking the Lord's Name in Vain

After going to confession this past Friday I took a long road trip with my husband. We were riding in some pretty narrow country roads at night, and he accelerated to pass a series of slow moving vehicles. I got nervous that another car might crest over the hill and hit us head on. Half laughing, I exclaimed “Jesus save us.” I caught myself invoking the Holy name of Jesus in a light manner and I quickly became serious and in my heart asked that Jesus would protect us.

Did I commit the sin of blasphemy? I understand (and quickly understood) the seriousness of calling on the Lord, and I abhor the use of Jesus’ name lightly. I am a new Catholic and I do not want to take the Eucharist unworthily, but I am hesitant to go to confession about this just a day after I went to confession because it seems like it could be scrupulosity.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

well first i want to point out that it’s actually good to go to confession every day(scrupulosity aside)

but i don’t think you took Gods name in vain, you were scared and afraid of crashing, i’d call that a good time to ask for Gods help,

God wants us to talk to Him and ask for His help, and i don’t think you’re words were blasphemous,
blasphemy is expressing disrespect for God, disrespect for anything sacred, it’s anything holy made laughable,
it’s to treat anything sacred with irreverence or contempt, to violate it’s sanctity.

so i don’t think what you said fell under any of that…unless i’m wrong(please correct me if i am)

but it’s still good that you want to be pleasing to God so much that you question yourself that way, that’s very good,
but if it still bugs you, just ask your priest about it, because even when we sin, we shouldn’t let it depress us or stress us out, we need to be patient with ourselves, God won’t punish you for something you just don’t know, but it’s still your duty to find out, so you’re really on the right track…you should find these things out, just don’t stress about it.

ok, hope that’s helped, tc.

To me it sounds like you were praying and with good reason. Not all prayer is done in the same manner, i.e. we can pray while we sing, so I would think we could also pray while half laughing sometimes too, though I wouldn’t make it standard practice and would pray reverently the majority of the time.

IMHO it does not sound to me like you committed any sin.

I agree with Swizzle. No sin committed.

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