Taking The Lord's Name in Vain


Would it be taking the Lord’s name in vain if I use Jesus as my phone password? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I don 't really think so.


No, but since you seem to wear your faith on your sleeve as the expression goes, it’s kind of obvious and not much good to keep your phone secure!


Thanks for the replies! I kind of figured that it wasn’t taking the LORD’s name in vain. As for the security, I suppose it’s good enough for me as I am usually the only one holding my phone. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Catholic Church teaches that the Lord’s name is holy… It must not be abused by careless speech, false oaths, or words of hatred, reproach or defiance toward God, or used in magic. Since Jesus Christ is believed to be the Messiah, and “the image of the invisible God,” this commandment is applied to the name of Jesus Christ as well. [Source]

The password might be obvious for people who know you well, but this doesn’t feel like blasphemy or anything of that sort. And you are not taking an oath in the name of God (for that, see CCC 2147).

I just don’t see this offending God, especially when it’s a phone password.


I don’t think so. People often chose something that is significant to them as a password. I bet Jesus would be pleased to know that He is of significance to you! He already knows! :slight_smile:


I would add a few random numbers or words-letters. Way too easy for someone to access even if the phone never leaves your hands.


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