tale of the old road


you are on the road, its the same road you’ve been on for along time. its the same road that your parents have been on and there parents before them. its a well travled road and the only road told by many many others that its the only good road. but then you come to a fork in the road, you’ve heard this before many times before but paid it little mind cause you were cetain that that was the only “true” road. one road looks new smooths and much like a highway, this would be a fine drive you think cause so many others have been on this road before. the other road is old,worn,cracked, and overgrown in some places. you were told that this old road was taken by some but came back because it was so scary, or they just didnt like it. or they weren’t prepared, you heard rumors that people took this road and never came back and even now you hear an old man saying “don’t go down there my friend if you do you’ll get lost, and then you’ll never see your true destination.” you’ve read in a book that this road is fraught with danger but now as you look on you see somebody going down that road without a second thought. “dont trust that one he’s one of there kind he’ll drag you down with him if your not carefull, trust me he’s nothing but bad news” the man says…“who is he” you ask. the man looks down at you “oh i dont know him personally but look there, he’s going down THAT road. that alone should prove that what im saying is true” then you look back at him “whats down that road anyways?” you ask the old man looks around and says “well i see you have that book, its all writen in there you know” even more puzzled you look at him and say “have you ever been down that road?” the man looking more puzzled from all the questions he says " no and i never want to go down that road and you shouldn’t either, trust me stick to the highway its the only true way"

this tale was used as a metaphor by a wiccan priest, and this is a simple question on how to know if your road is the one true road. is it because somebody who says they know it, but how do you know there not saying false things to get you to there side? and so the story of the old road is a metaphor for faith, we have been told that there is only one road to fallow, that other roads or wrong…but what makes it wrong, nobody has given a great answer on why just that it is wrong point blank just cause it was right for the person who tells you this so if its right for them it must be right for everyone right?


The only way to be sure is to follow one who has already gone down the road and come back to tell us what to expect. I submit to you that only one person on this planet has done that–Jesus Christ. He lived, died, and rose from the dead. He established his Church, led by those appointed by him and those who would succeed them. He promised his Church would be led into all truth and would never be defeated, and his promises have all come true and will never fail. What more could anyone want out of God than that he should become one of us to show us the way?


You haven’t supplied the most essential information, which is, what is the purpose of travelling along the roads? Is it for entertainment, for leisure? Or is it to get to some place? If the latter, then it doesn’t matter what the other roads look like since they’re not going where you want to go. Perhaps the one road is well-worn because it goes where many people want to go.

So, what, if anything, is at the end of these roads? Or are they roads to nowhere, in which case, sure, choose any road that tickles your fancy.


im sorry it wasnt clear, but if you read it carefully the old man says “get to your destiny” and the question is what makes the highway the right road and not the old road?


My question would be are you implying (as I suspect you are) that the major religions are the highway and the other lesser-known ones (such as paganism just as a random example :wink: ) are the other road.

You could not be further from the truth if this is what you are trying to say. Look at all the struggles that the people on these boards are going through in ***sincerely ***trying to live out their Catholic and Christian faith.

In this day and age you are just as likely to get abuse, or at least snickers and funny looks, not to mention serious misunderstandings and outright hatred, for being a devout Christian (particularly a devout Catholic) as a wiccan or pagan or anything else.

Any faith wholeheartedly practiced is a rocky and difficult road. But as a previous poster pointed out, we Christians do have Jesus who walked the road and came back to show us that it was the correct one. And we Catholics have thousands of Catholic saints who each have, through their prayers for us, obtained multiple miracles from God, as an indication that we are on the correct road as well.


the question is, what can honestly make one road the true way and the other road not. does it say it so black and white or is it simply that the other road is jst a diffrent avenue that leads do the same place?


My question is have you honestly followed your road “less traveled” not forward but rather into the past? Have you asked yourself what your ancestor’s beliefs were 2,000 years ago; 1,500 years ago; or 1,000 years ago? Are you comfortable with them?

I am quite conversant with my Celtic, Saxon and Norse ancestor’s beliefs from these three periods and I am not comfortable with them. But I am comfortable with my Celtic ancestors decisions to abandon the old ways; my Saxon (English and Germanic) ancestors decisions to abandon the old ways; and my Norse ancestors decisions to abandon the old ways. I see absolutely no need to revive the past when the fulness of Truth has already been revealed to us. I’d just as soon start a cult of Cthulhu - at least I’d have Lovecraft’s writings from the 30s to base my religion upon. I submit to you that there is very little left in the historical record upon which one could justify an ACCURATE reconstruction of Celtic, Saxon, or Norse deities. You would have far greater success with the Graeco-Roman and Egyptian dieties provided you were willing to offer the sacrifices such dieties demanded - which is also part of history.

Many years ago I was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism whose motto at that time was “history as it ought to have been”. This is all well and good but we recognized that we were playing at history. Might I suggest that this surge of belief in the religious past is much in the same vein. Do you really want to see the blood eagle carved in honor of old One Eye?


The answer is simple

Jesus is the Way


There is a reason why the “old way” of being a pagen was abandoned by most. It’s stupid.

By the way, I’ve heard this story many times as a child. From Catholic Priests. The highway is not Christianity, it is the easy way of society. The old rough road is Christianity, which leads to eternal happiness.

Your wiccan “priest” borrowed (stole) that story.

I tired of people like you comming here and trying to point out to us that our religion is wrong. We really don’t care to hear it. If you want to know more about Catholicism, then stay and learn. If you just want to try and get us to question our faith, forget it. It’s been tried by much better people throughout history. All have failed.


There is a problem with the “universalist” idea when Christianity is brought into the picture. Christianity is based on more than the words of a good teacher and martyr. When Divinity, Self Sacrifice, and Resurrection comes into the picture together, it becomes incompatible with all other religions and to say that there is another “way” is to have a total disregard for the Sacrifice of the Christ and the very things that make Him THE CHRIST. So it becomes an “all or nothing”.
The Church (namely Catholics), does not condemn other religions, but respects all people’s search for the Ultimate Truth. However, when the Truth is revealed to their eyes, it will be the Christ.
Ultimately, there are only two roads: one of Truth and one of selfishness. Every morning when we witness the rising sun we must decide how we will live with our fellow mankind in every situation. Will we treat others justly; feed the hungry; clothe the naked; visit the lonely…will we love others as ourselves. And when we stop for the stillness of night we must reflect on whether or not we brought this life to others. Without some type of measuring device no one can determine length and so it is without a Standard for life. And what is a better Standard than that which was laid down from the beginning of Creation.


okay i never said it was from him as in he made it jst i heard it from him, and im not trying to get anyone to question their faith…if you read it calmly the moral of the story is that nobody has proven that one road is wrong and one road is right its all based on heresay…and so that if you wish to take the highway and not the old road its up to you but dont give answers that you dont even know about "i dont know him personally but look he’s going down THAT road, that should be proof enough"
and for my final question…when did i ever say that your religion is wrong?


The highlighted phrase above is where you say her religion is wrong.

If you want the Catholic view, then go to the Vatican website and type in Dominus Iesus. This is the encyclical which explains in the plainest terms why the “many roads, one destination” and “many faiths, one result” is intellectually and spiritually bereft of any heft and weight.

This* is* what you’re asking after, right? If not, then your attempt here is hypocritical and dissemulating.


You ever heard of Jesus ??


yes i’ve heard of jesus and i was christian awhile back, and please dont get me started on being a hypocrit…i can poke oh so much fun about christianity hyporcits but i don’t, and look you may think of it that way but its that why would somebody say something they have no clue what its even about? it might as well be a lie…
great now im all tense now so im gonna go before i say something stupid


We do have proof that the “Christian road” is the right road because many people have gone down that road and those who have done so faithfully are now in Heaven. We have proof that they’re in Heaven because they can intercede for us and gain favours and miracles from God, not to mention inspire us with the example of faith they set in their lives.

I recommend that you read up on some popular Saints of the Church, particularly ones like St. Therese of Lisieux, who has accomploshed so much in terms of helping poor souls like us (and her accomplishments and help that she gives people continue to this day, more than a century after she died! :slight_smile: ) There are so many other amazing saints: St. Faustina, St. Francis of Assissi, St. Padre Pio, St. Gertrude…the list foes on and on. What better proof do you need that these Saints followed the right road by following Jesus, than the fact that they can still help others along that road after they’re dead? I have personally benefited from the intercession of Saints, as have many people that I know. :slight_smile:

No need to answer this here, but just think about whether you have ever had this type of experience in Wicca, or heard about or encountered a Wiccan (alive or dead) as extraordinary as some of the Saints of the Catholic Church - how do the people who have gone down the “other road” compare to those who have gone down the Catholic road?



okay theres a little twist here, you said you have proof…so i can go and ask someone who died as a devout catholic and they’ll say yes?. what you say is proof is just faith in your lord god…and as for the wiccan saints not as if you would care but i can think of one; rev. D. lewis


I’m not trying to be mean but capital letters, spacing and paragraphs would make your posts much easier to read.
What Language Arts curriculum are you studying?


its okay i know my typing isn’t exactly the best but…im 15 and im homeschooled so i dont study language arts like i think im supossed to, and honestly i’ve been under alot of stress latley for alot of reasons so my thinking isn’t exactly as clear as glass…i think until i get myself back together im gonna lay low on these kind of subjects


All of the Saints I mentioned have interceded on behalf of living people to grant them miracles from God. For example, I go up occasionally to the Martyrs’ Shrine up in Midland, Ontario, where the 17th-century Canadian Martyrs are honoured. In the church there you can see a corner where crutches and canes are hung up on, or stacked up against, the wall - these belonged to people who no longer need them thanks to the fact that they asked these Saints to intercede for them and grant them healing (which they received, and left their canes and crutches there as a wtiness of the power of saintly intercession). This is only one of countless examples - I recommend that you read up on this and you’ll find many others.

The fact that people can do this for other people after they have died is proof enough for me that they followed the right path while they were alive, since it led them to a place where they are close enough to God to be able to ask Him to grant the petitions of others (and do it successfully :slight_smile: ).

Also, spend some time with truly devout Catholics and you’ll see that they have an actual glow about them that has nothing to do with the condition of their skin :slight_smile: . I’ve actually heard it said that when Christians were persecuted in the first few centuries of the Church, the authorities recognized them by this glow. Don’t get me wrong, I know some amazing and kind people who belong to other religions (or to no religion at all), but the only people who I’ve seen so happy that they have this glow are Christians (or those in the process of converting to Christianity). When I think about Christ I feel such a profound joy in my heart (kind of like thinking about your significant other only much stronger :smiley: ). I honestly don’t believe anyone or anything else could give me anywhere near as much interior joy as Christ. :love: This is one of the “proofs” I have that Christianity is the right road to follow. :slight_smile:



It may constitute sufficient evidence for you (and many others), but it is still no more objective proof than for other religions, including polytheistic ones. Honestly, I believe religion boils down to subjective rather than objective experience, anyway. I don’t follow my Gods simply because I worked out a dispassionate, logical proof (though I believe that polytheism is a better explanation for human experiences than monotheism). I follow Them because of my experiences with Them and the effects I see in my life because of those experiences.

To quote John Michael Greer in his book “A World Full of Gods: an inquiry into polytheism” p. 89 (ISBN 0976568101):
“Consider a devout Protestant Christian arguing for the exclusive or inclusive reality of her own religion’s deity, over against those of other religions. Her counterpart is a Bengali tantrika who worships Kali. What forms of evidence can the Protestant cite for the sole reality of her god? She can introduce scriptures; so can the tantrika. She can claim the scriptures were divinely inspired; so can the tantrika. She can point to wondrous events described in the scriptures; so can the tantrika. She can describe miracles that have happened within living memory; so can the tantrika. She can discuss the lives and works of the holy people of her tradition; so can the tantrika. She can, finally, bring up her own personal experience of the god she worships–and, of course, so can the tantrika.”

It is as unlikely that anyone will “prove” me out of my belief as that I will “prove” them out of theirs, if I should even find it useful to try to do so (which I don’t).:slight_smile: It doesn’t make my Gods stronger or more real to try to discredit the God(s) or beliefs of others. My faith is not dependent on the number of people who follow my Gods, or even how many are willing to admit they are “real.”

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